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White Composite Fillings

Introduced in the 1960s, a white composite filling is a mixture composed of glass (silicon dioxide to be particular). The two main purposes of white fillings are to restore decayed parts of the teeth and for cosmetic improvements such as changing the uncolored teeth or reshaping deformed teeth. The white fillings were first designed to sit on the front part of the teeth because they were not good enough to withstand the pressure induced to back teeth especially to the molars. It was later enhanced which can now be placed in the back teeth and molars unlike before.

Below are some advantages using white composite fillings:

  • It restores most of the tooth's primary strength as it adheres to the tooth completely.
  • It brings back the natural color and appearance of the tooth.
  • The tooth being treated with white fillings is not as sensitive to both hot and cold food and drinks compared to amalgam filling (amalgam is further discussed here).
  • The tooth filled with white resin will fully hardened and is immediately ready to be used after the treatment.
  • White composite fillings are mercury-free.
  • The procedure requires minimal removal of tooth structure as compared to amalgam fillings.

Disadvantages using white composite fillings:

  • Compared to amalgam filling, white composite fillings are more expensive (about 50 to 60% price difference). This is because the materials used in white fillings relatively cost much and the amount of time is comparably longer than applying amalgams.
  • Although white fillings are strong, its lifespan is still not as long as amalgams have although the difference is not that huge at all.
  • Can be critically weekend and damaged by too much alcohol intake as alcohol deteriorates the composite fillings prematurely.
  • After some time, the composite fillings will acquire stains and will therefore discolor. Retreatment is recommended whenever this occurs.

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