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Tooth Horror

I had been to the dentist this morning and I started feeling weird a few hours after my appointment. I had this huge tooth problem which might take 3 weeks before everything's fixed.

Well, what happened was my fake front tooth (I was wearing a jacket for like 4 or 5 years now) started losing its grip yesterday. To make matters worse, at around 2 in the afternoon, it totally fell off! The only good thing was I was at home. It could have been my deadliest embarrassing moment if it happened in school! Yup... you can laugh at me if you find the situation tickling you but it wasn't really fun for me as I totally drowned in tears after what happened.

I called my boyfriend a few minutes later... after I finally accepted the fact that it wasn't a dream, that I really lost one of my teeth and told him everything that took place. He could not even understand well what I was talking about at first since it was difficult to pronounce the words right with a missing front tooth plus the fact that I was crying at the same time made it harder for me to tell things clearly. He was panicking upon noticing my squeeky voice as he knew by then that tears were falling like a river and that something's so so wrong. At some point, he listened well to every word I said and finally grasped the whole situation I was in. He did everything to make me feel better and promised to set up an appointment with my dentist in behalf of me. As promised, he persuaded the dentist to insert me in his busy schedule and so, I got an appointment the following day (which was this morning).

Okey, so my dentist took some x-rays and advised that it would be bet for my situation to undergo a root canal procedure. Ouch! I knew loads of people who went through the same procedure and most of them said that one could actually feel so much pain after the anesthesia subsided. I got scared but since I needed to go through with it, I therefore submitted myself to the whole idea of what should be and must be done to bring me back to smiling again.

I had my first root canal stage today. I never felt pain during the operation as I was under the protection of the mighty anesthesia. The dentist drilled here and there, there had been bleeding and cracking of the tooth root, etc... but I never felt pain. It was like I never cared what my dentint's doing for as long as I could have a tooth again!

It took us roughly 30 minutes to go through the whole thing. I thanked my doctor who billed me with a very friendly price as I was lucky enough that my insurance took care half of my medical and dental bills (that's one thing why I really love Sweden). I directly went home and sat in front of the computer for a few minutes until I felt so much dizziness and untolerable headache. Yes, the anesthesia was gone and I was in deep trouble. So since then, I had been stuck on this bed using the laptop instead of my favourite desk top after I had woken up from my long nap.

Was I really stuck like did not do anything at all? Ahuh... my boyfriend was kind enough to fix me dinner and got me everything I wanted. Now that's lovely to be treated like a princess --- a toothless princess!

Sad to say that I am still missing a tooth. I will have to meet my dentist again Friday next week to have the final root canal procedure and that I need to wait another week after that Friday to finally have a new tooth fixed. I am just thankful that we will not be having classes the whole week next week but the week after that will surely be a disaster as I never want to miss a class. Well I guess I will be staying silent until I get my tooth replaced.

I have to stop now as my world seems to be spinning in front of me. I just hope that I haven't mixed up words while writing this one!

Have a good night everyone!

Ooops, before I forget, aside from my boyfriend, I also want to mention Magnhild who accompanied me to the dentist today as my boyfriend unfornately was fastened to a seminar at work. Thanks Magnhild for being so nice to me!!! (That's Magnhild and me on the photo to your right. Such a cool grandma!)


Great Value For Money!

I used to not like shopping online as I thought of it as something unnecessary to do. I mean, why should I shop online when I could actually enjoy seeing the stuffs I would want to buy for real and even try them personally before even paying for them? Well, my idea towards online shopping changed after I migrated here in Sweden. Since I started living here with my boyfriend in a simple town with not many malls to choose from, I needed to look for stuffs online to find things I wanted to have.

After some time, I realized that online shopping is actually fun to do. I just sit in front of my lovely desktop computer at home and check online stores. If I am away like in school or if I am spending time with my friends in a coffee shop, I can just search through thousands of internet shopping pages through my Wi-Fi ready laptop. I mean, I just find it so handy to check products without even leaving my chair. Not only that. I can also visit different online stores, compare their prices without the need of spending money on gasoline at all. Now I understand why people find internet shopping is a lot more convenient than visiting stores personally.

In December 2008, there were many people on our list who we would buy gifts for. With the economic downfall, my boyfriend and I needed to spend money wisely without the need of really sacrificing the value of the item. It was like a blessing in disguise when a friend of a friend told us about Coupons where one can get coupons for sweet deals! The website has almost everything one can actually ask for! We got babies and kids coupons for my boyfriend's nieces, some books and magazines discount cards for his mom and stepdad and many more! We were even able to grab two pet discount freebies for our lovely cats. We were able to save at least 30% compared to what we spent the holidays before it. Great deal for sure!If ever you want to spend your money wisely, I highly suggest that you visit to put more value into your hard earned money.


Women's Own Paradise

We can not change the fact that there are times when women like us want to spend a vacation somewhere where we can have our privacy. It is good to know that there is already a specific resort for women. You have read it right... a resort which only allows women to spend their days and weeks there. Isn't it wonderful to have our own privacy where we can relax and enjoy on our own? Aside from spending wonderful days there, one can also meet other women and make new friends and connections.

Another important thing to mention is that the resort for women has lesbian accommodations which make it a perfect get-away for lesbian couples where they can spend lovely vacations together in a pretty paradise.

Aside from staying in award-winning historic buildings of the resort, enjoying the heated swimming pools, plunging into the hot tubs and spending time under the shady decks of the resort, you will also enjoy the food at Key West's Restaurant. You do not need to go anywhere else to have your delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and even your snacks in between as the restaurant is just located inside the resort for every guest's convenience. Book now and enjoy being a woman!


Payday Loans For Quick Financial Assistance

A fellow blogger needed extra money to send to her family in the Philippines. I am not really sure what happened but she said that her family needed the money for emergency purposes. Since it happened two weeks before receiving her salary, she was panicking a lot, thinking where she could possibly get enough money. As she lives in the US on her own, it was difficult for her to find someone to whom she could borrow money from. It was such a stressful situation according to her.

It was another blogger friend who told her that she could actually find a quick solution to her problem by applying for cash advance online. She was hesitant at first so she took the whole day thinking about it. The next day, she decided to go online and apply for a fast payday loan which could help her with her financial trouble. It was totally quick and without any hassle that her application got approved in just minutes after she has filled up an online form. She received the cash she requested the next day (it was a Wednesday I guess) which really made her worries go away. She immediately sent money to her family in the Philippines the same day.

She said that applying for payday loans could actually help individuals like her who are in deep need of money. She was so thankful for the help she received that day.


Wonderful Skin With Lakeview Dermatology

As women, it is important for us to feel confident inside out. It is just but normal to wish for a clearer skin and better body proportions. Nowadays, most women turn to well-experienced dermatologists to help them achieve their goals in having healthier and better bodies.

At Lakeview Dermatology, one can find almost all types of dermatology treatments under the strict and professional supervision led by Dr. Eugene Mandrea and Dr. Steven Mandrea who are both renowned in the field of skin treatment and cosmetic surgery.

Melasma, psoriasis, spider veins, melanoma and eczema are just a few of the most serious skin diseases which need treatment at once and dermatologists can help you solve these skin issues. Aside from the ones which are already mentioned, Lakeview Dermatology also performs laser acne scar treatment which has become very famous throughout the years as people who have suffered from severe acne conditions want to get rid of those ugly scars. In addition to this procedure, you can also undergo chemical peels for a younger looking skin, hair removal, intensed pulsed light, microdermabasion and a lot more. If you are also looking for botox procedures, juvederm, photorejuvenation or liposuction in Chicago, Lakeview Dermotology have them and more. So go check their page as you might just find the perfect solution for your skin troubles with them!


Online Business - Back On Track

A friend of mine who owns an online store told me that she's at the moment having huge problems with her sales since January of this year. If you have heard about some websites with Google page ranks that went down one or several ranks lower in the latest page rank update, unfortunately my friend has been one of them.

I have checked some reasons why some page ranks go down at some point. However, no one can really give me a direct answer. Everyone can only say what they think might be some reasons behind why page ranks decrease. In one website, a specific person said that page rank does not really directly affect a website's popularity. Meaning, the number of visitors your website receives each day has nothing to do with how high or how low a page rank has. This might be true to others. But my friend felt the decrease in page rank visitors since her page rank went two notches down therefore, decreasing her sales, too.

Since the day my friend realized the negative effects her online business was going through, she started looking for some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies which could possibly help her increase her website traffic. With thousands of SEO sites with great promises, my friends said that it was too difficult to choose. She was lucky enough to have a computer and website geek friend online who helped her look for the one she needed.

A week has passed before they have finally found (or which can aid her in her SEO problems. With reasonable prices and a great 24-hour, 7-day-a-week customer service platform, my friend will no longer have to worry about such problems as she can contact an SEO expert via live chat anytime she needs to the whole year round. And with no contracts, she gets the freedom to choose to pay in a monthly basis.

My friend's online business is now getting back on track... slowly but surely.


Chat Site For Those Who Are Young At Heart

Who says only young people can have fun in life and join chat rooms? The internet is a free place for everyone and age can not obviously stop anyone from meeting friends from all over the world.

I am happy to see individuals beyond their younger years who still find it fun to go online, meet people and are not afraid to share their stories. At least somehow, they make it a point to enjoy life to the fullest by being active in a Free Senior Chat site. It is a perfect place where they can meet new faces and make new friends from different places around the globe without even paying a cent. There, they meet people who can understand their problems and even give them proper advices. Who knows? If lucky, they can even meet the very person their hearts are longing for after all the years! The internet possibility is totally endless and definitely for everyone.

So if you consider yourself belonging to the senior-aged life, don't feel ashamed of doing what most teens do. Become a part of this Free Senior Chat community and start communicating to people from different countries. You might not be young when it comes to numbers but you will always be young at heart!


Solution To PMS

According to research, almost 90% of all women who menstruate (yup... there are women who do not and will never experience monthly menstrual cycles) are and will one day be affected by premenstrual syndrome or PMS. Normally, menstruating cycles happen every month. Because of the monthly period (as we commonly call it), women also undergo monthly hormonal changes wherein the levels of estrogen fluctuate from time to time. There will come a day when a certain woman reaches her menopause stage, usually between ages 45 and 55, where the reproductive cycle stops permanently.

The most common symptoms of PMS are:
  • headache
  • abdominal pain
  • fatigue
  • irritability
  • tender breasts
  • bloated tummy
  • depression
  • mood swings
Obviously, women hate to undergo the PMS stage as most go through its almost unavoidable symptoms. Studies which are mainly focused on women's health try to find a relief against PMS symptoms. After thorough research and testing, Pro-Gest Progesterone Cream has been finally approved for market release.

Here are basic product information about Pro-Gest Cream you might find useful:
  • Product name: Pro-Gest Progesterone Cream
  • Company/Clinical Research: Emerita
  • Tube size: 2 oz or 56mL
  • Price range: from GBP £15.95- 23/tube
  • Ingredients:
    Water, Vit E, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Hybrid Safflower Seed Oil, Panthenol, Glycerin, Sweet Almond Oil, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Sodium Behenoyl Lactylate, Stearic Acid, USP Progesterone, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid, Orange Oil, Citrus Medica Limonum Lemon Peel Oil, Carbomer
  • Active Ingredient: 450mg of Progesterone per ounce
  • Where can I buy the product at a reasonable price? At Vitasunn
How is the product applied?

Since it's in a cream form, the preparation is being applied directly on the skin. The cream has to be massaged well until it's fully absorbed by the skin. It is recommended to apply 1/4 teaspoon of the cream on the skin two times a day to ANY of these areas such as: hands, belly, inner arms, neck, face, thighs, breasts and buttocks. Pro-gest Cream is made up of fat-soluble moleculres which are easily absorbed by the skin.

What benefits can I gain from using the product?
  • normalize blood flow
  • normalize blood sugar levels
  • protects against breast lumps
  • increased libido
  • mood stabilizer
  • eases headache and stomach cramps

Right Choice With Wooden Blinds

According to home designers, light is a very important factor in keeping a home more comfortable to live in. This is why windows are created not only to give way to proper ventilation but also to allow light to come into each room.

In most cases, home owners and those who choose to live in apartments prefer glass windows as they bring elegance even to a simple home. However, there are two disadvantages I consider with windows made of glass. First is during daytime when sunlight can easily pass through. There are times when the sun's rays are so strong that instead of bringing comfort to homes, people get irritated when they are directly exposed to strong rays of the sun. Another reason is that during the night, with glass windows, people can easily lose their privacy as they can easily be seen from the outside of their homes through the glass windows. And we all hate it when our privacy's taken away from us.
To solve these two problems, window blinds will shield us from too much sunlight during the day and will keep ou privacy in tact at night time. I am proud to say that our wooden blinds do not only do these two things for us... they also create a better atmosphere in our apartment. As our sets of blinds are made of wood, they bring in the beauty of nature as they really look good with our potted plants placed right on our windows. Wooden blinds and potted plants - definitely a perfect match! Our apartment's small but is really refreshing and comfortable to live in.


For The Love Of Art

I wasn't really interested in arts. It was sometime in 1993 when all second year high school students were forced to take painting classes. Most of us hated the idea at first. But as time went on, we fell in love with it as we slowly discover our different talent in expressing ourselves through this form of art.

I continued my passion up to now. I usually do abstracts and paint flowers. It is my boyfriend who buys me canvasses that I need as well as my craypass and oil painting sets. I really hope that one day, I can see some works of Michelangelo, da Vinci, Picasso and Tomasz Rut Art in real life. That would be a wish come true for a dreamer like me.
If you admire paintings and the artists behind them, I suggest you check Paragon Fine Art. There you will find different painters and their work and other important facts regarding arts. If you are looking for inspiration, it's the perfect place for you to find one.


Big Beds For Huge Dogs Just Like My Maxi!

I used to have a chow chow and I loved him so much. He's so huge that at the age of 3 months, he already looked like a bear (or perhaps a lion). Here's a picture taken by my mom with my lovely chow chow, (he was 3 months old here):Well, I met him on a petshop situated inside a mall. When I first laid eyes on him, it was love at first sight. He cost so much but I did not seem to mind the tag which came along just to get hold of him. Yup, I got him and paid with my own money. How much? Around Php25,000. He's expensive but I never regret a thing.

By the way, his name's Maxi and because I loved (and still love him up to now) so much, I decided to use Maxi as my penname in the blogosphere. It's my way of keeping him alive inside me after all these years.

Every night, he slept by my side. Because of this, I had to buy him one of those large dog beds to make him feel comfortable all through the night. I bought him a huge bed which was more or less the same as Bowsers dog beds. He got his pretty bed which almost looked like this (he got a green one):
Well, my Maxi was treated like a king and I miss him so much. One day when I am finally finished with my studies, my boyfriend promised to get me another chow chow... just like Maxi.

To those who own huge dogs and to those who are planning to have one, be sure to provide large dog beds for them where they can relax and have a good night sleep. If you love to travel with your lovely dog, it will also be nice to purchase at least one of these Harry Barker dog beds which can be folded (like the ones shown below) to easily fit inside cars and crates. If you are interested to purchase designer dog beds for your adorable pets, go check Paw Digs. They have a wide array of items your dogs need. Remember to love your dogs... pamper them... they deserve it!


Clear Out Stress - Unwind!

I am obviously stressed due to so much school work. There are days when at the end of each class, I feel that my brain's totally drained. If my brain can only shout, it might have damaged my classmates ears already. I mean, you know what I am talking about here, right? You wake up in the morning, go to school (or work), put your brain to work (wherein sometimes, we push it to its limit) and then go home. Most of the time, even when we're already home, our brain's still thinking about what we've learned in each class or what have happened at work. It's a never ending process of thinking. Scientists have even showed scientific facts stating that the brain even works even when we're already sound asleep.

Gosh... no wonder most people are stressed! This is why my boyfriend and I try to relax for sometime by watching films and some of our favourtie tv shows. Through this simple phase of our lives, we get to sit back, relax and enjoy life for real. I am usually surprised on how updated my boyfriend is about the latest celebrity news. Well, unlike me, it is his hobby to read almost everything about each passing day. That's why he's sometimes called "Mr. Knowledge" as he knows a lot about many things. It pays off to have a boyfriend who is a very good reader. Why? Simply because whenever I am struggling with school stuffs, all I need to do is ask my boyfriend for help... problem solved!

Aside from films and tv shows, we also love music - both old and new. That is why getting our hands on the Digital Music News everyday helps us in getting updated about the music industry. I mean, why not? If we say that music is the heart of our soul, the people behind it should get credits too, right? It does make a lot of sense to also know the artists behind the lyrics... they deserve it.

Another thing that makes my stressful day a bit calmer is by spending some Clearwire time especially by playing different computer games. The games just take me out from this busy world for awhile and help me forget about my troubles. Totally relaxing!


Some Of The Best Natural Medicines Available Today

With too much pollution around us these days, it is recommended for everyone to shield our health from harmful elements which can possibly destroy the our health condition. We might not see it with our naked eyes but we do inhale toxic elements from the air we breathe. We can also take in these toxins with the food we eat and the water we drink. Because of these reasons, it is advised to take in natural health solutions which can help us in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Below are just a few of the most popular natural products in the market today:

IntraMAX contains 415 nutrients in just one bottle. It is formulated from 100% microcomplexed organic nutrients which is very safe for everyday use giving it a distinct title of "100% organic all-in-one liquid nutritional supplement". The product is also good for vegetarians.

Poly MVA is a dietary supplement which has been proven to be very effective in boosting the immune system with its unique formulation containing:
  • LAPd - a blend of Palladium and alpha-lipoic acid which when blend together becomes water and fat soluble. LAPd can move throughout the body and can penetrate through blood-brain barrier making it a powerful treatment to any kind of cancer.

  • Vitamins B1, B2 and B12

  • Formylmethionine - very important in protein synthesis

  • Acetylcysteine

  • Traces of Molybdenum, Rhodium and Ruthenium

    With the above mentioned ingredients of Poly MVA, it can provide individuals with a powerful anti-oxidant which can make our cells healthier by removing harmful substance from the body.

    By the way, Poly MVA means: "Poly" which refers to the dirrent ingredients blended in this product and "MVA" for minerals, vitamins and amino acids.
On the other hand, if you (or anyone you know of) are suffering from mood swings, depression, mania, gout, Alzheimer's disease, brain aging or fibromyalgia, Lithium Orotate can provide a natural help. Lithium has been known to be one of the most common treatments for mood swings, depression and mania but can possibly give potential side effects. By containing the lithium salt of Orotic acid, Orotate makes the product more effective while reducing severity of its possible side effects.


My Fear Of Public Speaking

Loving my career as a pharmacist in the Philippines, I am ambitious enough to also one day become a licensed pharmacist here in Sweden. I am at the moment strictly following every Swedish regulation in order to attain my dream. I am more than willing to go through every necessary subject just be successful in achieving my goal.

Due to the obvious fact that pharmacists communicate with patients and customers everyday of our lives, I needed to learn the Swedish language by heart. Luckily, I was able to go through the first three phases of the Swedish language course. Just one more stage left until I can be eligible to receive my language diploma... hopefully by June this year!

Since it's very boring to go to school everyday just to attend to one subject, I decided to get a few extra subjects to spice things up. I have no problem when it comes to the writing and reading parts of each lesson. My greatest fear is on public speaking. I do not know why. But whenever I am suppose to open my mouth and share my thoughts about a particular discussion, I tremble. I can even feel my mouth shaking! There are even days when I'd rather shut my mouth and keep my insights to myself than to talk.

I really need to find a solution on my public speaking fear in order to get higher grades. For this reason, I signed up for Martin Ng's Error Analysis Report to receive some important public speaking 101 facts which can possibly enlighten me and help me in getting rid of my weakness. If you are interested, go sign up for yourself. It's absolutely free!

I will also try to get hold of Martin Ng's Surviving Speaking Disasters book to gather more tips on how to become a more confident speaker in the future. There are already many who have benefitted from the book... I might be the next one on line!


Increasing My Blog's Exposure

Just like any blogger, I also want my blog to get noticed and increase its traffic by having more and more visitors each day. But without the aid of a trustworthy directory submission site, I can never reach my goal.

I began blogging on August 2008 and I honestly did not know enough techniques to reach into people from around the world and finally, encourage them to come and spend a few minutes on my site.

With millions (or perhaps billions) of sites which are actively found on the world wide web, it is one smart way to have my blog enlisted in online directories to begin with. Many have told me that one should pay a lot before even getting the chance of being accepted on a specific directly site. But they are wrong. It took me weeks before I finally found a great directory submission page wherein I do not need to pay anything at all. I mean, how cool is that? I get help in promoting my personal health blog with no extra cost! Not only that, one can even submit their blogs by pagerank (PR).

With the help of the directory website, I am able to increase my PR from zero to a strong PR of 3 in just a matter of six months - something that is impossible for me to do on my own. I even know that there are some who are able to even reach PR 4 just by submitting their websites on directories.

If your website's not satisfied with the number of visitors you have each day, try this trick. It will surely help you lift up your site's exposure.


I Love My Acne-Free Skin

We sometimes pair up the word acne with certain words such as stubborn, irritating, and so on. In short, nobody wants acne. In fact, the minute we have them on our skin, we want to get rid of these skin aliens at once. There are those who are lucky enough to not suffer from this skin irration for a long time. However, there are many who find it difficult to look for a specific acne treatment which is effective enough to cure acne problems.

Thoughout the years, skin science experts and dermatologists have tried to find a perfect solution on how to get rid of acne. Many have tried but not all research and studies have been successful in finding a particular preparation which can help individuals with problematic skin in curing acne. Although some preparations and products have been good to solve the problem, most of these skin care products were not good enough to maintain the skin from being acne-free.

I have been once a victim of this skin problem. I suffered for years until I finally found the perfect natural acne treatment which was able to bring back my skin's clarity. I used to hate my skin but now, I just love looking at it on the mirror and feeling it's softness touching my fingers. At the age of 30, I can say that I have attained my goal in maintaining a younger looking skin.

If you are suffering from skin imperfections due to acne, I hope that you will find one great product that is effective enough to kill those acne away.


Highly Qualified And Experienced Accountants from Father Battle Ground CPA

Every business establishment, no matter how big or small it may be should have a group of Certified Public Accountants or CPAs to ensure that the business' financial part is sturdy. Without them, the organization may possibly get out of balance without even noticing it.

Father Battle Ground CPA may actually help you and your firm in attaining stability and continuous productivity. Making experienced accountants from Battle Ground will surely be a choice you'll never regret doing. Being experienced professionals, CPAs of Father Battle Ground CPA promises to offer you a complete range of financial services for for businesses and mere individuals.

Go and check their website. You might just need their help.

12 Magnets To Ease Back Pain

I do not always suffer from back pain. But whenever I need to put a number of books inside my backpack, I feel so much pain on my back during night time. There are even times when I find it difficult to sleep as it hurts so much. I know that you understand what I mean as there are many out there who have the same physical distress as I have.

Three months ago, a "shop online" brochure arrived on our doorstep. Well, like what I used to do in the Philippines, flipping from one page to another to check certain interesting products which might be useful to me and my loved ones was the first thing I did. There were so many items which caught my eye but only one certain product was actually found useful for me. Here it is:Yup. It is what it is - the answer to my back aches. If you are one of my blog's readers, you have probably read about how magnetic earrings help in keeping my ears warm during the cold winter season. If you haven't read it and you are curios about what I am talking about, please proceed here.

The good thing about this back support is it does not only have a single magnet as it has 12 built-in magnets in it. The price? Well, it does not cost so much here in Sweden. It's just around 200 Swedish crowns. Feel free to use the currency converter below:

According to studies about magnet therapy, magnets with 300 t0 3000 Gauss is very good for the health. It promotes better blood circulation. It is even advised that placing magnets on the painful part of the body will help ease out pain in just a few minutes for as long as one is using magnets with the right Gauss range.

If you do not know the strength of the magnet you have, you can easily know if it is strong enough to penetrate the skin just by feeling the change of the blood flow upon placing the magnet on the skin.

Well, it has been three months and I still haven't ordered this product online yet - perhaps before going back to the Philippines for a short vacation. I will be buying one for myself, one for my boyfriend, one each for my mom and dad and one each for my two brothers. I am sure that they'll to love it!

Keep Your Business Going With TeamWox

It is never easy to start your own business without the assistance of others. If with some luck, you are able to begin one on your own, at some point, you will find it difficult to keep the business going. Believe it. I know what I am talking about as my father runs his own company with more than 20 employees. It is a stable company - of course with the help of others.
If you are planning to put up a business in the future, consider checking TeamWox Company Management System. They have almost everything to help you keep the business successful. You can start enjoying their services by trying the demo version and by downloading the platfom for free. TeamWox has been proven to be effective in increasing your employee's efficiency.

Avoid downfall... try TeamWox Company Management System now.

AlphaGrade For You And Your Kids

I am not yet a mother but I know how hard it is to raise a child. How? I just think of my mother and the many difficulties she has had to go through with me in her life. It's not that my mother regrets having me in this world. I just want to say that I do admire her (and all the mothers in the world) patience which has helped her in understanding me in my childhood years.

Most of my friends are now married and are happily spending their every day with their kids. Although they love being with their kids, they admit that there are tough times when it's difficult to inject responsibility to their kids (which was also my mom's biggest problem with me before). For example, my friend's son has once asked for a pet dog but by the time he has gotten a pretty dog, he only likes to play with the dog and always lazy to feed his pet dog. Another example is that children love to eat sweets but are too lazy to brush their teeth before going to bed. One last common example to add on the list is that kids throw their stuffs all over their bedroom without even planning to clean up the place at some time.
Are the above situations familiar to you? Is it too difficult to motivate your kids in doing what is right to do and be responsible in even the tiniest occasion? If your answer to these questions is "yes", then it is time for you to check AlphaGrade where you can get great tips and valuable information for your child's attitude problems. Sign up now for free!

Alcohol Addiction Therapy The Orchid Way

It sounds sad but I personally know people who are under the control of alcohol. There are some who are still in the denial stage. They claim the addiction as a part of their lifestyle (which obviously does not make sense to me at all). But those who are not pretending to be abusing alcohol know that it is slowly killing their health. This is why a lot of them are seeking for alcohol treatment as early as possible to avoid further health damage.
There are some who do not believe the fact that admitting themselves in a particular alcohol rehabilitation center can help them in reaching their goal of becoming independent to alcoholic beverages. What they don't realize is that rehabilitation centers really work for everyone, no matter how worse an individual's addiction may be. By choosing the right rehabilitation center, it is very possible for someone to get the care he or she needs all throughout the treatment process.

So if you know someone who needs assistance in erasing their alcohol addiction in their lives, do not miss the chance of showing them you care. Tell them about the power of alcohol rehab centers!

Enjoy Life - Enjoy Music - Enjoy Festivals!

Three of the most awaited music festivals in the whole wide world will soon take place. If you are interested to take part of the celebrations and to be lucky enough to avail of the cheapest festival tickets, read through this post. You might find your way in without paying so much!
  • T in the Park Festival - will take place on Balado Airfield, Perth on the 11th of July 2009, Friday. Because it is considered to be Scotland's biggest festival, big stars will also light up the show. Just a few on the list are Blur, Kings of Leon, Katy Perry, Indie-rockers The Killers and Snow Patrol. It's will sure be packed up with people so be sure to reserve your tickets now! Proceed here to buy one.

  • V Festival - will be held on a Saturday from the 22nd to the 23rd of August 2009 on Weston Park, Staffordshire and Hylands Park, Chelmsford. If you are a V Festival fan and you are 18 years old and above, purchase your V Festival tickets for you and your friends now to avoid rush!

  • Reading Festival - will happen on August 28, 2009, Friday on Little Johns Farm, Reading, UK. The Reading Festival said to be the most famous music festival in the whole world which has been graced by Metallica, The Killers, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and many more! Since the festival is participated by many, grab your tickets as early as possible. Check the prices here.
Whichever festival you'll choose to attend to, you will surely not regret going. So have fun and enjoy every minute of it!

Chat Site For Tattoo Lovers

I know people who have tattoos. In fact, some of them are my friends. They are proud of the tattoos they have on their bodies. They just do not like it... they love it!

There are times when we judge negatively people with tattoos at once. We usually think that they are weird individuals who are seeking for so much attention. However, it's not how it is (not always at least). People who allow their largest organ in their bodies, the skin, to become the canvas to reflect their creativity are artists inside out. We have to bear in mind that tattoos are not just garbage drawn on anyone's skin. Each design has been thought of within a particular amount of time before even having them tattooed on them. Tattoos for them are not just another form of art. Each design which they have decided to wear permanently means something important in their lives. It can be a memory of their past, signify their success and failure or is dedicated to someone special. So, if you meet someone with a inks on their bodies, don't judge them. Instead, know them. You might learn something from them as a person and and not as a weird creature.

If you want to be friends with other tattoo lovers, you can easily find a lot of them at Tattoo Chat. You can register for free! So go and start chatting with them now!

My Amazingly Adorable Russian Friends

I was so happy this morning upon seeing my Russian friend. She was a classmate in a previous Swedish language class. We weren't really that close as best friends usually do but we like each other's company. She just came back from her three-month vacation in Russia and talking to her this morning was really fantastic!

I was at first intimated with Russian immigrants. I thought that they are strict and very reserved individuals. But in time after having the chance to get to know them better, I learned that they are very easy to approach and talk to.

Nowadays, after my 18 months of stay here in Sweden, I already have 7 Russian friends. Amazing, isn't it?

What topics do we usually talk about? Love! During our breaks, we sit down together, drink coffee and share with other a little bit of "this and that" about our relationships with the man we love.

Most of my Russian friends met their partners in a particular Russian dating site. Like most people, they were friends at first until they finally fell in love with each other. "It is so incredible how the internet can magically help us in finding the right man for us", emphasized by one of my friends while we were enjoying our cups of brewed coffee. It all started with friendship and now, they are proud housewives and mothers to their pretty kids.

I will be meeting them again on Monday! Hmm.. I wonder what's going to be the topic during our coffee break...

Meet More People - Meet The Redheads

Living as an immigrant here in Sweden is not as difficult as I thought it would be. Most of you already knew that I came from a country in Asia making Sweden a totally different new world for me to live in. However, I was wrong. As far as I could remember, I was able to adjust quickly to almost everything here in Sweden. I was even a bit surprised upon meeting friendly and welcoming faces. The good thing was, I never felt alone that's why I felt that at home at once.

As a new member of Sweden's society, I also accepted the fact that I had to embrace the Swedish language itself. I started going to the language school a few months after arriving in Sweden. It wasn't easy of course but I was able to cope up somehow. I was able to pass every Swedish language test there was and I could say... I am proud of my accomplishments.

At present, I am on the last stage of the Swedish course. If ever I pass this one (which I hope I will), I am already welcome to study a year or two in the University so I can also become a licensed pharmacist in this pretty country.

Many thinks that I am quite crazy when it comes to how I learned to love the language that quickly. Thing is, I never miss a day in school. I find it as one way for me not just to learn the language but to socialize with other people as well. Since the school offers lots of subjects for immigrants, I am able to meet people from Sweden and from other countries, too. I have friends from Thailand, Somalia, USA, Brazil, Iraq, Iran, China and many more. It is even my first time to finally meet several groups of redheads. I first thought that they are unfriendly and snobbish as portrayed in some films I've seen. I am wrong. They are actually nice people and surprisingly, easy to go along with. They have even introduced me to their favourite site where most redheads spend their time to meet other people and connect with them online. It is really an interesting site to visit. Get to know them better... check the site and have fun with them!

Your Way To Financial Freedom

Who wouldn't want to increase their possibilities of having financial freedom? I am pretty sure that everyone here is interested in maximizing their profitability potential. Honestly, I am one the many!

I am already receiving my monthly salary. Still, I am looking for other ways to earn extra money so I can at least enjoy life to the fullest at times like "shop until I drop" and travel to pretty places. These are just two of life's precious activities which many of us are longing to do. Since they are expensive, I my monthly wage can't cover the expenses.

In my desire to have more money in the bank, I started trying my luck on forex trading. I would not lie... it's difficult especially for beginners like me. I certainly love Mathematics but forex trading's numbers and computations are two different stories! It could be complicated and confusing that is why I suggest to those of you who's interested in trying your chances with forex trading, make sure that you avail of forex trading tools to help you with everything. Do not worry... these tools are free of charge! Don't forget to register for your demo account to get acquainted with the forex trading industry.

Although it's puzzling, it is also fun especially when you are winning the trade! Go try it yourself. This might be your chance to financial freedom.

Beware Of Brain Worms - Neurocysticercosis

What is neurocysticercosis?

Neurocysticercosis is defined as the parasitic infection of the brain which is caused by Taenia solium (the larvae form or eggs of the pork tapeworm).

How can one get the disease?
  • by eating undercooked pork meat - Perhaps you have already heard the warning that eating undercooked pork meat is just like welcoming worms into our body. This is basically true. The worse part is, some worms do not only live in our stomach, heart, intestines, muscles, eyes or liver as some of them even reach the brain which then results to neurocysticercosis. So why are some pigs infected with T. solium? T. solium are excreted from human feces (yup, it is humans!). In some places wherein there is very poor sanitation, there is a huge possibility that T. solium eggs contaminate the water supply therefore, when pigs take in contaminated food and water. The eggs that the pigs have consumed will hatch and of course, multiply. By the time humans eat these contaminated pork meat, we can be infected. This is why it is very important to make sure that the pork meat you are eating is well-cooked.

  • can be spread from one infected person to another - This is one scary fact - if the chef, cook or the person who is preparing food for us is infected by T. solium, we might also become the host of these worms.

  • by drinking contaminated water and eating T. solium carrying food

So why do they live in our brains?

It's simple - by the time we ingest the eggs of T. solium, they are already capable of hatching at once. Since they are very tiny "pests", they can easily go with the flow of the bloodstream. They are not very picky creatures as I can say as they are still satisfied and happy wherever they may land. Although the most common parts of the body where these parasites live are the stomach and the intestines. However, (as said in the earlier part of this post) there are some that are willing to take the long journey up to our brains. The ones which reach the brain invade a particular area of the it.

Anime Chat City - A Suitable Place For Anime Lovers

My brothers are both anime fans. They will never let a day pass by without watching their favourite anime show on tv. There are even times when they purchase DVD sets of the shows even if they cost so much. And like most anime fanatics, they too have a collection of different anime charater figures. Well, who would blame them? In fact, I has been an anime lover for a long time. Some of my favourites are Hunter X Hunter, Ghost Fighters, Dragon Ball, Samurai X and the funny ones: Mojacko and Lupin III. I am sure you also love some of them!

It is very nice to know that these days, there is already an Anime Chat City where all people who are crazy about anime can meet online, talk and discuss about what's happening to the world of anime. It is one magical world where individuals who are addicted to anime can freely express themselves and be who they are without being misunderstood. This site will surely become one of my brothers' preferred online sites.

How about you? Have you tried watching any anime show lately? It's actually fun to sit down and watch these cute (and scary) characters move around your tv screen. If you think that it does not match your taste, watch again. You might find one that you will fall in love with.

Light Up Your Life!

Since we were trying to save money, we decided last year to buy cheap lamps which we would place one in our bedroom and another one in the living room. We actually thought that the lamps would somehow last long. We were wrong. Just a few months later, the one we had inside our bedroom broke down and after a few weeks, the one in the living room died down as well. We of course did not take is as a heavy burden to bear because the items were not that expensive anyway. However, what we did not like is that we had to suffer for a couple of days (or more) in improperly lighted rooms before we were able to buy new ones.
We were able to find quality lamps online without the need to pay for so much. We ordered a two beautifully crafted lamps for the living room and two wall light fixtures in our bedroom. Our newly delivered lighting devices do not only drive away darkness out from our place. As they are beautifully designed, the lighting fixtures also make our little apartment a bit more luxurious to live in!

Affordable And Quality Breast Augmentation Procedure In Central Europe

Let's face it. In today's world, women have become conscious on how we look. Our physical appearance has become one of the most important part of us which helps us in bringing out the confidence in us.

Breast augmentation has been a choice by some women who are not satisfied with the size and form of their "fronts". There are also some who need to undergo such surgery due to sagging breasts after pregnancy, breast feeding or after losing weight.

Many have decided to undergo breast enlargement procedures. However, there are some who have been stopped due to expensive rates. Truth is, breast implant prices is not that expensive in central Europe. The surgeons there are experts on the field of cosmetic surgery, ensuring you a professional and high-quality breast enhancement surgeries without killing your wallets.

So before thinking negatively about the rates, be sure to check breast implant prices first.

Website Designs Can Either Make You Or Break You

What I love about the world of today is that almost everyone is connected to each other. Through the power of internet, we can find questions to our answers, express our opinions freely, book travel tickets online, shop various products and many more. This is why more and more individuals and companies and creating their own websites where people can easily visit them and finally avail of their services or buy the products they offer to the public.

Just like any customers, I too check the company's website design. After all... first impressions last! There are certain online sites where I usually go back to whenever I am interested in buying something. Such websites are those with appealing pages, user friendly menu bars and those which upload quickly. It is a must that a particular company has a creative web site design in order for customers to recognize it easily.

I asked a few of my classmates awhile ago if they get along with my ideas that are stated above. surprisingly, they do! The website's overall appearance is the most important for almost everyone. They named a website's appearance as it's "brand" which should have a big impact to buyers - it can either break or make them huge in the industry. I guess that is why these days, most companies make sure that their sites are based on the concept of interactive brand development as this will make people come back from time to time.

Hmm... although I do not sell products to my readers, I do share information which can possibly be useful to them. I just hope that the design of this blogsite is enough to keep my readers come back for more.

Custom Cables For Better connection

My brothers are so specific in whatever they need when it comes to cable assemblies. As of now, we have three desktop computers at home (one each for my two brothers and another one for my mom). My younger brother's experimenting on these three computers in order to come up with what types, configurations and assemblies of cables will work perfectly for a better internet and local network connection. My family's planning to put up an internet cafe business, starting with at least 30 computers either within this year or early in 2010. My brother's already beginning to look for a particular company which can provide us customized cables. He wants everything to run and function well throughout the plan and by having custom cables specifically for the internet cafe needs, my family will surely have a good shot in succeeding.

I am truly excited with the plan. I hope I can be there during the opening day!

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