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Meet More People - Meet The Redheads

Living as an immigrant here in Sweden is not as difficult as I thought it would be. Most of you already knew that I came from a country in Asia making Sweden a totally different new world for me to live in. However, I was wrong. As far as I could remember, I was able to adjust quickly to almost everything here in Sweden. I was even a bit surprised upon meeting friendly and welcoming faces. The good thing was, I never felt alone that's why I felt that at home at once.

As a new member of Sweden's society, I also accepted the fact that I had to embrace the Swedish language itself. I started going to the language school a few months after arriving in Sweden. It wasn't easy of course but I was able to cope up somehow. I was able to pass every Swedish language test there was and I could say... I am proud of my accomplishments.

At present, I am on the last stage of the Swedish course. If ever I pass this one (which I hope I will), I am already welcome to study a year or two in the University so I can also become a licensed pharmacist in this pretty country.

Many thinks that I am quite crazy when it comes to how I learned to love the language that quickly. Thing is, I never miss a day in school. I find it as one way for me not just to learn the language but to socialize with other people as well. Since the school offers lots of subjects for immigrants, I am able to meet people from Sweden and from other countries, too. I have friends from Thailand, Somalia, USA, Brazil, Iraq, Iran, China and many more. It is even my first time to finally meet several groups of redheads. I first thought that they are unfriendly and snobbish as portrayed in some films I've seen. I am wrong. They are actually nice people and surprisingly, easy to go along with. They have even introduced me to their favourite site where most redheads spend their time to meet other people and connect with them online. It is really an interesting site to visit. Get to know them better... check the site and have fun with them!

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