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My Amazingly Adorable Russian Friends

I was so happy this morning upon seeing my Russian friend. She was a classmate in a previous Swedish language class. We weren't really that close as best friends usually do but we like each other's company. She just came back from her three-month vacation in Russia and talking to her this morning was really fantastic!

I was at first intimated with Russian immigrants. I thought that they are strict and very reserved individuals. But in time after having the chance to get to know them better, I learned that they are very easy to approach and talk to.

Nowadays, after my 18 months of stay here in Sweden, I already have 7 Russian friends. Amazing, isn't it?

What topics do we usually talk about? Love! During our breaks, we sit down together, drink coffee and share with other a little bit of "this and that" about our relationships with the man we love.

Most of my Russian friends met their partners in a particular Russian dating site. Like most people, they were friends at first until they finally fell in love with each other. "It is so incredible how the internet can magically help us in finding the right man for us", emphasized by one of my friends while we were enjoying our cups of brewed coffee. It all started with friendship and now, they are proud housewives and mothers to their pretty kids.

I will be meeting them again on Monday! Hmm.. I wonder what's going to be the topic during our coffee break...

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