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Take Off Those Pounds Away!

Are you getting bigger... feeling heavier? Are you having so much baby fats around your belly, legs and arms? Are you longing to take those excess layers off your pretty chin? Maybe it's time for you to use effective diet pills today!

With lots of diet pills in the market at present, you can never be sure which one is real and effective in shedding off those pounds away from your body. Before investing your valuable hard-earned money in any diet pills, be sure to take some time to read reviews and testimonials which will surely help you in your decision making.

Remember... it's never easy to lose weight. It's one of the most difficult procedure ever. With the right amount of patience, motivation, self-control and the right diet pills will surely help you attain your goal in achieving a better shaped-body which is in fact will make you feel a lot more comfortable and healthier.

At Lab88, you will be able to find weight loss products that are right for you. Surf around the site, check the products, read the reviews and testimonials and order what you feel will work best for your diet program.

Love yourself! Bring back your confidence and start looking ultra-fabulous now by having a lighter and healthier body!

Garnier Ultra Lift Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Are you beginning to see fine wrinkles around your lips and eyes? Irritated and feeling disturbed? Garnier Ultra Lift intensive Anti-Wrinkle Cream might just be the solution for your skin-ageing problems!

Garnier Ultra Lift promises consumers a complete range of skin vitamins and skin food which are essential in keeping it wrinkle-free. This new product highlights specially selected ginger as one of the most important ingredients in keeping the skin firm and healthy.

Aside from ginger, Garnier Ultra Lift also contains wheat proteins. According to skin research, the combination of wheat proteins and ginger moisturizes the skin keeping it protected from drying and wrinkle formation.

I've tested the product myself for five days now and I can really feel the difference. My skin's a lot moisturized than before. As for the disappearance of my fine lines, I needed to wait for some weeks or months to actually see definite results to share to all of readers.

Anyway, Garnier Ultra Lift leaves a very nice scent on my face which lasts for hours. The cream itself is so easy to apply as it glides smoothly on my skin. It feels so right and light on my skin.

Try it yourself. You'll surely love it!

Chat With Black People Anywhere in the World For Free

I have a couple of black friends who usually feel like it's always difficult to find people who are willing to chat with them. I honestly cannot understand why people judge others through the color of their skins (I know as I am from Asia and I experience discrimination myself sometimes since the day I started living here in Sweden).

Anyway, my friends told me one day with much excitement on their faces about a Free Black Chat website. According to them, they were able to meet lots of black people there to whom they can openly talk to without being judged.

So, to anyone who feels alone because of your skin color, visit the Free Black Chat site and have fun online with other black people!

Be Healthier With Dual-Action Cleanse!

Feeling unhealthy, tired and stressed? More or less, the toxins which are kept inside your system are the ones causing you to feel weak and heavy. So, detoxify today with Dual Action Cleanse today!

Regular bowel movement is important to each and everyone of us. It's the best process to eliminate the garbage which are left inside our stomach bags. However, there are days when our body are having difficult days in taking away the toxins out. Infrequency in bowel movements can result to an unhealthy lifestyle and that's when Dual Action Cleanse comes in to support the digestive system.

To further open your eyes to the importance of detoxification, here are some facts which might just interest you about it's importance:

According to studies, one cause of premature ageing is due to these free radicals inside the body. The toxins which are accumulated in the body results to the presence of free radicals. The food we eat and the other we drink usually leave toxins behind in our system.

So, what are free radicals? - Free radicals are molecules which do not contain the complete number of electrons, making them very unstable. These free radicals try to complete themselves by absorbing the electrons from other stable molecules. This process results to more damaged cells causing degeneration of the healthy cells.

The colon is the passageway to drive away the toxins out of our bodies. If it does not work properly, truth is, the toxins in our bodies will accumulate in time. So, if you have bowel problems, take it as nature's wake up call for serious health problems! Be sure to detoxify now with Dual Action Cleanse!

Compeed Cold Sore Patch

If you are suffering from cold sore (read about cold sore here), you will surely feel uncomfortable to go out, meet people and mingle with others as cold sores are painful and very much visible - enough to get others' attention.

Just recently, Compeed Cold Sore Patch has been released in the market. The product contains an ultra thin hydrocollooid-075 which helps in the healing process of cold sores. Aside from that, it also helps in covering the sore making it invisible to the naked eye.

According to research, here are the benefits from using Compeed Cold Sore Patch:

  • It gently soothes the burning and itching sensation caused by the sore
  • It promotes faster recovery
  • Helps in making the sore invisible
  • Aids in preventing contamination and further infection

A box of Compeed Cold Sore Patch contains 15 patches, enough for the whole treatment process of one cold sore. The box also contains a tiny mirror which you will surely need when applying the product onto your lips.

Remember to always make sure that your hands are clean before putting on the product. The patch should be applied only on clean and dry skin to ensure proper adhesion to the skin.

Connect With Your Friends And Family Through GetMeCallingCards!

I was one day surprised when my bestfriend since college called me two months ago. She's living in Illinois, USA while I am now staying here in Sweden. We talked for so many minutes and two weeks later, she again paid me a call. Wondering how she could afford it, I asked her about her phone bills. My bestfriend told me about this site online wherein you can order international calling cards. According to my bestfriend, she was able to purchase great calling cards with very affordable prices in just a click of a button.

Since my family and most of my friends are in the Philippines, I have decided to check the site and take a look around to see what they might offer me.

I actually fell inlove with site. I just registered and then ordered the specific calling card I needed and after a moment, I got my PIN number direct through my email address. I of course called my mom and brothers at once to see if it would work and ... it did!

For immigrants living in Sweden who want to get intouch with their families back in the Philippines (just like me), the Sweden to Philippines calling cards come in six options (as of the moment). You can check it out here for you to compare call rates and calling card prices.

If you are someone living in the United States (just like my bestfriend) with families living in the Philippines, you can check the the available cards here. You will be astonished with the different calling cards for you to choose from... there are over 100 of them!

So, wherever you are, you can now connect with your friends and families from around the globe by using low rate phone cards from GetMeCallingCards. You can now stay away from expensive long distance phone bills! Now, isn't that great?

Great Sleep On Great Beds

Sleep is very important for our health. However, there are many people who disregard its value. Lack of sleep might affect the brain and nervous system, cardiovascular system, metabolic functions and immune system.

There are times when we can't just sleep due to our sleeping positions. I for one have problems with it. It takes so much time for me to get the perfect position I want to and feel comfortable with before I finally put myself to sleep. Worse is that, I wake up in most mornings having back, arm, shoulder and neck pains due to wrong sleeping positions.

Surfing through the internet, I found this adjustable bed. It's really expensive but I believe it's worth the try.

So, I decided one day to visit the nearest furniture shop which sells such types of beds. Since customers are allowed to try the beds and lay on them before purchasing one, I did not hesitate to try on one of their adjustable beds.


Adjustable beds are really comfortable. It is just perfect for people like me with sleeping problems. I can adjust the curves of the bed just by clicking an easy-to-use hand control.

I haven't bought one yet but surely I will one day!

Sing Your Heart Out at thesimsonstage!

There are just times wherein we find ourselves deeply trapped in stress and depression. We do so many things at a time that we forget to sit down and relax a bit.

Well, most Filipinos love to relax by singing their hearts out. In fact, I realized that not only people from the Philippines are addicted to Karaoke... almost everyone around the globe is!

Anyway, if you are one of us, go visit thesimsonstage and choose from the wide array of songs you want to sing on to! It's for free! All you need to do is to fill up a very short information page and then, you're good to go!

What's great is that, you don't just sing songs here, you can even record them. Yup. You can record your own rendition of the song. Just like what I did on the song "I'll be" of Edwin McCain. Since my brother loves this song, I decided to try it.

Here it is...
Rate this performance at The Sims On Stage

Of course. My rendition's bad and not as good as yours. I just tried it to show you how it works! You can make fun of my voice. Does not matter to me at all. I already know that I am bad at singing anyway... But... at least, I tried!

It takes a little time to get acquainted with the page. But you'll surely get the hang of it after a few minutes.

This site welcomes everyone from around the globe. So, it's not just entertainment for you but a chance to meet people of both sexes and of all ages from different parts of the planet. You'll surely be amazed on how many have the talent to sing but just weren't lucky enough to get into the crazy arena of stardom.

Anyway, you can either use your headset (with microphone of course), your singstar mic or any microphone which works with your computer.

After you have recorded a song, you can either have the lyrics on the video or choose from other options such as pasting your own photos through photobucket or by choosing thesimonstage's wide array of photo selection. Everything depends on you!

By the way, you can either save your recorded songs privately or publicly. So, it's up to you to decide whether you want to share your renditions to others or to just keep it to your friends. If you choose to allow others to hear it, you will receive comments and points from other members who get to hear your songs. Don't worry... most members of thesimsonstage are nice and understanding (hehe). So, you do not need to be ashamed if ever you decide for the whole world to hear your voice. It's just for fun, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Leave those stress behind for awhile and sing your heart out!... Enjoy!

How To Increase Your Google Backlinks

I have been receiving questions every now and then on how I was able to increase my Google Backlinks, etc. Due to my very busy schedule, I can not answer people's queeries one by one so I decided to blog about it today.

Anyway, this blog ( is only a 3-month and 23-day old blog (that's as of today, December 6, 2008) and many have been asking me how on those very short months of my blog's existence I was able to have a Google pagerank of 2, Google Indexed Pages (GIP) of 199, Google Backlinks (GBL) of 251, Yahoo Indexed Pages (YIP) of 148, Yahoo Backlinks (YBL) of 4722 and MSN Indexed Pages (MIP) of 148.

I am not an expert about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Statistics. So, I find it very difficult to give an excellent explation to why I was able to reach a very good SEO Stats. But I can tell you the steps I took when my blog turned more or less one month old in September 2008.

I first submitted my site's URL to Google (you can add your site URL to Google here). I filled out the necessary information needed (URL and captcha code - "is that what it's called?") and then, I clicked the "Add URL" button. Then, you will get a message saying this:

"Thank you

Your site URL has been successfully added to our list of URLs to crawl. Please note that we do not add all submitted URLs to our index, and we cannot make any predictions or guarantees about when or if they will appear."

That's it! Simple, right?

Now, if you are using as your blog host, you can easily submit your site to Google.
  • Just go to then log in to your account. You can find the "Sign in" button at the top-right corner of the Google page. To log in, use your blogger username and password.
  • Go to "My Account"

  • Go to "Webmaster Tools"

  • Enter your URL on the box provided right before the "Add Site" button.

  • Click the "Add Site" button.

  • Then, you will receive this response:


    Next Step
    Verify your site. By verifying your site you can access comprehensive statistics and crawl errors about the pages in your site"

  • Click the "Verify your site" link. You will receive this message after:
"Verify a Site

Verification status: NOT VERIFIED

Once you verify that you're the site owner, we can provide you with comprehensive statistics and error information about the pages in your site. If you're unable to verify, you can still use the webmaster tools, submit Sitemaps, and see detailed...."

  • You will find a box saying: "Choose verification method..." I suggest that you choose the "Add a meta tag" option as it is easier to do.

  • You will receive a code which you have to copy and paste on your blog's HTML body (go to your blog's Layout and then to Edit HTML). Be sure to paste the code somewhere between the "head" and "body" sections of your HTML.

  • After pasting the code, you can then click the "Verify" button and then you're done!

  • Wait for a few days or less for Google to index your blog. (note: This blog got indexed a few minutes after submitting the URL.)
To get indexed in Yahoo, go to this page and follow all instructions.

To get indexed in MSN, go to this site and follow the instructions.

Just like Google, both Yahoo and MSN will ask you to put a meta tag code in your blog's HTML. Just follow the instructions and you'll get indexed quickly.

The good thing by being indexed is that, your site will appear in Google, Yahoo and MSN directories... usually, in the first 10 pages of the search page.

I use Feedjit to get track on who are viewing my page. (you can get one here for free). If you look at my blog's Feedjit report (just one of the many pages) below, you can see that my blog gets a lot of visitors from Google.

(please click the photo to enlarge)

At the bottom part of this site, you can see this blog's SEO statistics (as of today, December 6, 2008):

GIP: 199
GBL: 251
YIP: 148
YBL: 4722
MIP: 148

I am not sure how many times Google, Yahoo and MSN crawl my blog per month. But last week, this was my blog's SEO STATS:

GIP: can not remember
GBL: 144
YIP: can not remember
YBL: 3752
MIP: 72

So, you get to see the rapid increase of Backlinks, right? There's no magic! It's just about having my site indexed at the first place. No need to pay for anything! So, have your blogs indexed, too.

Anyway, I know that there are lots of blogs out there which are getting higher and better SEO stats than mine. So, I hope that they will share their secrets, too!


Why A Man's Brain Is Different From A Woman's Brain

It was my English teacher who introduced this video to us during our English class last week.

As we usually wonder how a man thinks differently from a woman, this video will surely clear your minds up.

By the way, the speaker on the video, Mark Gungor, aside from being a pastor, a musician and a producer is considered as one of the best marriage and family advisers as of today.

Watch this film. You will surely have a great time listening to his explanations.

Have fun!


Make Your Wishes Come True By Experiencing CEIVAshare Online!

Do you have many photos saved in your computer, in your mobile phones or digital cameras waiting to be shared to friends and relatives? I sure you do have some... or perhaps, many of them! Would you be glad if I tell you that those photos might just win you the gift which your heart desires? Sounds impossible? Not really!

At Got a Wish Sweepstakes, Santa is ready to give away 29 prizes each day to lucky winners. Prizes are worth US$500 dollars each which will be awarded through check to winners of each random draw. So, what are the requirements to be able to join? It's actually simple and very easy! If you are 18 years old and above and interested to win something great this season, go immediately to Got a Wish Sweepstakes wherein you will be introduced to a fantastic digital photo frame called CEIVAshare, the simplest way to connect to people you love by sharing your favorite and crazy digital photos with them as it receives photo transfer through phone or Wi-Fi media. Amazing? Wait until you get to CEIVA's page where you will surely appreciate it more. On the page, follow carefully the instructions on this page to get a chance to win!

I tried it myself and it was truly fun. I went to the Website, filled up a short form and upload a digital photo of myself with my loving cats, which by far is my favorite photo of all time. It only took me a few second until I was able to finish this first step. Try it. It surely is simple. After going through the first form, you will then be directed to the page's Sweepstakes entry page where you will be asked to fill up some more important information and you are done! A reminder, this promo is only limited to residents of the United States or the District of Columbia. This therefore excludes individuals living in Guam, Puerto Rico and other United States territories from joining.

Here are rules to follow:
  • You must be 18 years old and above.
  • You have to be a resident of the United States (excluding those who are living in Guam, Puerto Rico and other territories).
  • Be sure to submit your own photo not larger than 5MB in file size. Only original photos will be accepted... NO copyrighted photos please!
  • Promo begins November 26 until December 24, 2008. So, send in your entries as soon as possible! Who knows? You might just be a winner of the "Got A Wish" Sweepstakes!
Try it now and experience a whole new world of digital photo sharing with CEIVAshare Digital Photo Frame!



Christian the Lion Story

This video's link had been sent to me by my boyfriend through email a couple of months ago. Intrigued to know what it's all about, I immediately opened the link. I was so amazed that I watched it many times in a row and shared it with family and friends.

This morning as I opened Yahoo's URL, the video surprised me again as it was on Yahoo's "frontpage". Of course, I watched it again... thrice actually. I still found myself deeply touched by the clip.

Watch it yourself! You might just love it!


Earn Online Through Brand Institute, Inc.

Brand Institute, Inc. is a world known consultancy for healthcare, consumer and business to business brand identity. The company includes name development, market research, regulatory affairs and design solutions.

Brand Institute, Inc. needs people to become one of their panel members. Here's a complete quotation from the website:

"As a BRAND INSTITUTE panel member, you have the power to shape the future competitive landscape in industries ranging from pharmaceutical to consumer products. The insights from our valuable panel members provide companies with enhanced decision-making capability, and influence how products and services will be made available to everyday consumers. So, let your opinions be heard and join one of our market research panel groups!"

As a panel member, you will be given invitation opportunities via email to participate in the research. The invitations are in a form of surveys which you, the panel member must correctly and entirely complete. After completing each survey, you will be paid $15 by check or Paypal.

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