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Compeed Cold Sore Patch

If you are suffering from cold sore (read about cold sore here), you will surely feel uncomfortable to go out, meet people and mingle with others as cold sores are painful and very much visible - enough to get others' attention.

Just recently, Compeed Cold Sore Patch has been released in the market. The product contains an ultra thin hydrocollooid-075 which helps in the healing process of cold sores. Aside from that, it also helps in covering the sore making it invisible to the naked eye.

According to research, here are the benefits from using Compeed Cold Sore Patch:

  • It gently soothes the burning and itching sensation caused by the sore
  • It promotes faster recovery
  • Helps in making the sore invisible
  • Aids in preventing contamination and further infection

A box of Compeed Cold Sore Patch contains 15 patches, enough for the whole treatment process of one cold sore. The box also contains a tiny mirror which you will surely need when applying the product onto your lips.

Remember to always make sure that your hands are clean before putting on the product. The patch should be applied only on clean and dry skin to ensure proper adhesion to the skin.

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