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Ashley Furniture - Your Eco-Friendly Furniture Shop

When purchasing furniture, we have to consider each item's quality, style, selection and price. Aside from these four aspects, we also look into the type of service the manufacturing company has in store for their customers.

Ashley Furniture Industries has been popular in the business since 1945 and is considered to be one of the largest manufacturing companies all throughout the USA as of the present. The company has everything you need to complete your home - bedroom items, dining room needs, living room furniture and even home office necessities! All of their products are made from very high quality materials therefore ensuring customers' overall satisfaction.

Beside all these, Ashley Furniture does their part in saving and caring for the environment. The company distributes thousands of trees each year to make sure that they return something good to nature. They also recycle certain wood by products, metals and papers to protect the environment. Last but not the least, instead of using toxic, flammable and air-polluting solvents to make the product look good, Ashley Furniture has started using water-based, earth friendly solvents.

In short, by purchasing Ashley Furniture products you are not just getting quality manufactured items - you also get the chance to contribute and protect the environment!

How Do You Manage Stress?

There are so many things I like about Sweden - the friendly faces, the beautiful places, music, community's love for animals, the variety of dishes, free education, great insurance policy and many more. I can say that this land is actually the land of opportunities especially if you work real hard for the life you want and dream of.

Since education is at no cost, students (at least most) don't take their studies for granted. I know as I am one of them who can freely go to school and register to whatever subject I want to take without paying even a cent. However, a student's life can be so stressful and demanding. As an immigrant living here in Sweden for a year and seven months now, I can say that there are times when I get into the state of depression. Although I am doing good on all my subjects, I still feel so much emotional strain as I need to give an extra mile of energy, effort and patience in order to keep up with my Swedish classmates. Imagine solving a mathematical situation wherein the details of the problem are given in Swedish or how about creating a two to four pages of book reports for my Swedish subject... stressful, right? There are times when I go home feeling weak and sick.

Even those who are in the working class level are also imprisoned with stress. I know someone who works 14 to 16 hours a day, five days a week just because the home for the elderly where he's working for two years now is short on staff. At the end of the day, he's so tired and just want to go to bed and rest.

We all know that too much stress can slowly destroy our health. Thing is, it's difficult to avoid such a state as it's also difficult to avoid the pressure around us. This is why most people in Sweden try to enjoy most of their weekends - may it be alone, with friends or the family, doesn't really matter. For as long as they are able to have some fun for awhile, they are more than thankful.

Aside from going out on picnics during the summer period, skiing and snow boarding during the winter season or visiting their favourite coffee shops most of the time, engaging themselves in online gaming sites (such as online Lottery, online arcade gaming and casino online) during their spare time is one of the most common leisure activities here. Talking about playing casino over the net, my boyfriend's mother spends at least three hours per week playing blackjack or poker online. She's clever enough to get big bonuses just by registering on several casino sites online. She usually checks to know the top rated online gaming sites at present and their freebies for registered members. I have watched her played many times and I find her really enjoying each game. At least playing fun games over the internet take off her mind from stress sometimes.

How about you? How do you manage stress?

Sleep Tight, Sleep Right!

Beds contribute and important role in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Remember that we are required to at least have eight hours of sleep. When we talk about the recommended eight hours of sleep each day, we are talking about comfortable and undisturbed rest. According to research, many people suffer from lack of sleep which sooner or later results to several sleep disorders such as:
  • Insomnia
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Sleepwalking
  • Sleep terror
  • Bed wetting
  • Mood disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Headaches
  • Snoring and many more
Most of the time, when we decide on purchasing a new bed, the price is the main focus. Although we don't need to really buy very expensive beds, we also have to consider some important facts when choosing the type of bed suited for us and our sleeping needs.

First - You have to make sure that the size of the frame is right for you and your partner. You will not be having sweet dreams if your bed's too short for you, right? So, always check the overall dimensions of the bed you are going to pay for.

Second - Choose the style you want. There are some who love wooden, metal, upholstered, antique or leather beds. Others don't think about which style they actually want. They just grab what they can afford. However, purchasing the style you like will make you feel more at ease with your buy. So, take some time to study what you want and why you want it. In that case, you'll be sure that you're going to sleep comfortably on it knowing that you have made the right choice.

Third - If you share your bed with your partner or husband/wife, be sure to also consider his/her point of view. Don't decide for yourself - make the decision together. He might not like what you like or vice versa. It's better to have what both of you want.

Fourth - Just like choosing the frame of your bed, take some time to choose the mattress you prefer. Are you more comfortable with soft, firm or something in between? Do you favor having memory foam mattresses or just the standard ones. Also, don't forget to check the size of the mattress you'll be needing.

Fifth on the list - Aside from checking the price, brand and comfort of the bed, be sure to also check the company's offered warranty on the product. If you are all satisfied with everything, then get it! You deserve to rest on a nice bed after a long tiresome day.

Before I finally wish you a good night sleep tonight, allow me share with you the bed I really want to buy sometime soon.

Isn't the bed pretty? Not only that, it also looks so comfortable. The price? Really worth it, I must say. It's called Tuscany by its maker and costs about £499.

If you are having a hard time sleeping during the night, maybe it's your body reminding you that it's time to buy a new bed! Go ahead and treat yourself! As I've said, you deserve it!

Good night everyone! May you have sweet dreams tonight!

Get To Know Why People Choose The Hair Threading Method

You have perhaps already heard about hair threading as a way of shaping your eyebrows, plucking moustaches, unwanted hair on the bikini area, hair on the armpits, back, chests and legs. However, do you have any idea on why hair threading is considered to be a lot better than shaving, tweezing and waxing?
  • Shaving is the most painless way of getting rid of unwanted hair. However, hair will easily grow back, most of the time in just a day or two requiring you to shave again and again. Another disadvantage is that the new growing hair look a lot thicker making and of course uglier.

  • Tweezing is considered to be one of the most common ways of cleaning off unwanted hair. However, this procedure takes so much time as hair is pulled out from the skin one at a time making it an almost impossible process of pulling off chest, back and leg hair unless one has loads of patience in her/his personality.

  • Waxing is an easy way of having a hair-free skin and there's no doubt about that. However, people who have sensitive skin can not use waxing products as there is a great possibility of having the skin irritated.
Unlike tweezing, using the threading method doesn't take much time to get the job done. Hair threading makes use of a thin cotton thread being rolled over unwanted skin hair, plucking the hair from its root. Since the hair is being removed at the follicle level, it takes about four to six weeks before the hair grows back again. New hair grows thinner, too which makes it a lot better than shaving. Lastly, compared to waxing, you do not need to use any chemical in threading which makes the method safe for everyone.

I have seen friends who prefer threading eyebrows than the other three I've mentioned above. It does look difficult but once you get used to it, you'll realize how easy and nice it is. I have been using tweezers to get rid of my armpit hair and whenever I shape my eyebrows. But when I have tried eyebrow threading, I really get the difference. It's so simple, easy and quick.

If you want to know more about threading, the history behind it, why people choose it, the benefits and the necessary techniques to be able to perform the procedure right, feel free to check the eyebrow threading video from Aesthetic VideoSource. Purchasing the item is so easy. All you need to do is to add the DVD to your cart, pay with PayPal and you're done. However, I suggest that you create a login profile (this is optional) so you can get track of the status of your current orders. Not only that. As a member, you can also write a review about the products you have previously ordered and you can also avail of the company's newsletters. No worries... creating your login profile is totally free!

For more information about the video, you can reach Aesthetic VideoSource at:

P.O. Box 188
West Jordan, Utah 84084-0188
United States

or email them at:

or call them at telephone numbers:

800-414-2434 (toll free)
801-282-2490 (regular landline)
801-282-9187 (fax)

Amazing Body Wraps For Quick And Effective Cellulite Reduction

I have started people using body wraps on diet programs on tv. Skin experts say that body wraps can actually help an individual lose some inches on her (or his) stomach on the part of the body where the technique is applied. Aside from reducing your waist, butt, arms or leg sizes, it is claimed that body wraps can also tighten and firm the treated part of the body, reduce cellulite appearance, promote detoxification of the body's fat cells, clear up the skin complexion and minimize the bacteria present on the skin.
Body wraps contain seaweed, clays and herbal extracts which in combination are proven to effectively promote fast and effective results. Another good thing is that purchasing a single body wrap kit makes saying goodbye to cellulite a lot easier. This is because each kit are already mixed and ready to be applied on the skin. You don't also need to worry about finding wrapping cloths as each kit comes with the cloth you needed.

Eyelash Conditioners And Fortifiers For Longer, Thicker and Healthier Eyelashes

Purchasing mascaras just for the sake of having one may actually be dangerous for you. There are some products which contain harsh and strong chemicals that can irritate your eyes or even affect the follicles of your eyelashes. It is actually alright to use a mascara especially if you have very thin or short lashes. There is also nothing wrong with the desire to look more beautiful. However, remember to be careful when choosing the right product for you.

There are times when we forget to care for our eye lashes. We just want it to look thicker and longer without even thinking of nourishing them. Just like our hair which we have to condition after shampooing to keep it shiny and healthy, our eyelashes need to be given the same care as well. Have you heard of eyelash treatment products which contains ingredients that an revitalize, fortify and condition our lashes? By applying an eye treatment mascara instead of the common ones we see on magazines and tv ads, one can eventually achieve a healthier, longer and thicker lashes.

As of the moment, there are four (4) eyelash treatment preparations at which are tested to effective and safe for use:

B. Kamins Eyelash Fortifier which contains a powerful revitalizing complex which treat and condition eyelashes right at the follicle. This product contains peptide growth substances, natural plant extract and multivitamins which are necessary in achieving your goal of having healthier and thicker eyelashes.

Neova Essential Lash - Eyelash Conditioner contains patented blends of copper and amino acids which are proven to restore the natural beauty of the eyelashes. This particular product is advised to only apply every night to attain lashes with richer volume.

Revitalash Cosmetic Eyelash Conditioner is a treatment which is proven safe to those with sensitive eyes. It is referred to as a technology formula which promotes formation of new eyelashes. Revitalash should be used at night by applying thin layers both to the upper and lower lashes.

Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel Eyelash Growth does not just stimulate the growth of new eyelashes as it also repairs the existing damaged ones. This product is also designed to be be safe and effective even for individuals with very sensitive eyes.

So remember to nourish and condition those lashes once in awhile. They surely deserve your care!

Erase Loneliness By Joining Asian Chat Rooms

As I was visiting a friend's page today, I read on one of her posts about meeting other people from Asia through Asian Chat Rooms. According to her, it's one way of minimizing her homesickness.

Living in Sweden for more than a year now makes me miss home so much. I am certainly happy here. - there's no doubt about that. It's just that a part of me wants to also meet or at least connect with other people from where I come from. It's really a good idea to have such chat rooms designed for our specific needs and wants where we feel comfortable being ourselves. It's sometimes what we can refer to as our home away from home.

Those Unhealthy Fleas!

Although having a dog (or a cat) livens up life, it can also be distressful sometimes - they can bring happiness and diseases as well.

Back when I was still living in the Philippines, my brother brought home a small puppy for me who I named Lalurp. He adopted Lalurp from a common friend. As days passed by, the puppy grew a lot closer to me. She even slept inside my room night after night.

One time, she jumped over the fence and played with some other dogs from the neighborhood. When she came home, she began scratching. Another day passed by when my mother noticed that my pretty dog had fleas. We weren't really happy about it (I mean, who would be?). The fleas weren't just my dog's problem, they were biting our skins, too. We had problems sleeping during the night and got emotionally disturbed.

We took the dog to the family veterinarian to see if we could do something about the problem. The dog was given a bath using water which was mixed with an anti-flea medicine. We went home with a cleaner dog and a bottle of anti-flea powder. We also needed to disinfect the entire house to totally get rid of the flesh eating pests. We succeeded and never allowed the dog to roam around the neighborhood again unattended.

Get Around Europe Without Paying So Much With Ebbsfleet International Station

My boyfriend who has been to London for many times considers the UK as his second home. He has actually worked there for years until the day he has decided to come back to Sweden to be near his parents and siblings. During his years of stay in London, he has met his what he calls "his best friend for life", Lawrence. The funny thing is that, Lawrence is presently residing here in Sweden as well but in another town.

These two guys go on a vacation in the UK together at least once a year. They have actually asked me to go with them once in 2007 and another time in 2008. However, I have decided not to as I am scared to fly. I have promised to join them sometime this year or next year right after receiving my permanent visa which I'm supposed to receive sometime in June or July of this year.

Well, we have planned a little already about the upcoming vacation. Since it's going to be my first time, we will be staying in Lawrence's house for a matter of days, go shopping and visit pretty places. We will also be visiting Asian restaurants and supermarkets which make it more exciting for me!

My boyfriend is also planning on taking me to Brussels. We might probably stay there for two to three days to just see the beauty of Belgium. I am really happy to know that we do not need to fly to Belgium from London (as I've said, I am scared to fly). We will be taking the train instead. What a relief!

Ebbsfleet International Station is a public train system which connects European cities and other famous destinations. We have checked their online booking service to check how much it might cost us to travel by train. Tickets are way cheaper than taking the plane. Plus, passengers who are 26 years old below or 60 above can even avail of travel discounts.

The Ebbsfleet station is just a 30 minute drive Lawrence's place which makes it so convenient for us. My boyfriend, Lawrence and I are already looking forward to our week and a half travel in Europe together. Because we will be driving Lawrence's car to the station, we have to leave his car at Ebbsfleet for about three days which isn't a hindrance of course since car parking at Ebbsfleet International is not a problem at all. There are over 5000 parking spaces where we just need to pay the daily rate of only £11.50.

This will surely be a great adventure!

If you and your loved ones are planning to have a cheaper European tour with less hassle along the way, visit Ebbsfleet Internation UK to check for more details.

Raw Food Diet For A Healthier, Younger Looking You

When I was younger, my mother trained me to eat fresh fruits and uncooked vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce. She reminded me from time to time the importance of eating raw food. Unfortunately, as I grew up, my taste for raw food slowly diminished up to a point when I even hated eating vegetables, cooked or not.

I will never forget one night when I went out with my friends from gradeschool. They ordered a bowl of freshly cut vegetables as an appetizer. Since I don't want to be labeled "different", I picked up a few strips of carrots and cucumber. After some time, my taste buds got used to it and finally liked it.

Now that I've reached the age of 30, I am more careful when it comes to what I eat. I slowly incorporate Raw Food Diet into my life to keep myself healthy and fit. Aside from that, eating fresh fruits and vegetables are also a part of our natural skin care system.

It is already a proven fact that most of our skin problems such as acne, blemishes and early signs of aging (wrinkles and fine lines) can be the results of the food we take in. This is why even skin doctors say that in order for us to improve the clarity and youth of our skin, we have to improve our dietary habits.

If you are interested know more on how to begin your raw food diet, please visit You'll surely find all the answers to your questions there.

PageRank Catastrophe

Aaaahhh! The scary day has arrived. PageRank's back to zero according to some PageRank check websites. As I've said before, it's just a matter of time.

I have checked the problem and it said that Google hasn't been able to cache my blog. Hmm... that's somehow confusing. Just three days ago, I have spent time checking my statistics on Google and everything has been fine. Just this morning, all went wrong. My Feedburner went crazy, too. I have to resynch it again and the total subscribers have gone down from 334 to 0 (sorry to all my subscribers - wasn't aware of this and I really have no idea on what's going on).

Most of my friends told me that they do have the same problem when Google started running Feedburner under their wings. Their PageRanks started to get weird, too and that their blogs' subscribers vanished as well.

I also checked my blogroll and well... I found at least 40 bloggers (and counting - not finished checking yet) deleted my link on their blogrolls. Terrifying, but what can I say? That's just the name of the game I guess.

Anyway, I am not bitter or anything. Just confused and honestly disappointed with such people who I used to refer to as "friends". will keep on running of course under my command. At least I still have a few great real friends left out there. To all of you guys... thanks!

*Note: (about an hour after publishing this post) I just deleted my site on google. I resubmitted my site URL, reverified it and resubmitted my blog's sitemap (though the sitemap's status is still pending) --- seems to be a lot better now. Even if my PageRank's still on the mud, the number of this blog's subscribers are at least back to normal.

**Update: (barely after a couple of hours) Sitemap Status: OK

Linens For All Occasions At

Most of my friends who I have gone to school with are already married. Although we live miles apart, we keep each other updated about what's going on in our lives. Thanks to the internet!

Last year, three of my closest friends walked down the isle and exchanged vows with their loving husbands. They posted a bunch of photos on their blogs and social networking pages to share with the group. I could say that they did a very clever way of planning their special days. My two friends whose weddings are just a couple of months apart and are both living in the Philippines hired one common friend to arrange everything necessary for each occasion. It was job well done.

Our other friend who's been living in the US has gotten married in a church in Illinois sometime in December 2008. Her boyfriend for seven years was lucky enough to personally know a wedding planner who took care of everything they needed to make the occasion as wonderful as possible. According to my friend, they did not have much difficulties in setting up and decorating their wedding and reception areas. The wedding coordinator was smart enough to just order all the linens from which were essential for making the place look more cozy and comfortable for the celebrants and the guests. The linens they purchased were used in many ways such as creating a ribbon out of them which they tied around the chairs, had some pieces carefully folded and pinned around the cake and wine stands which created a perfect ambiance for the night. The organza table overlays they ordered over the internet also made the room more appealing. The good thing was the items from were reasonably priced which cut off a great percent of the entire wedding cost.

I once asked my events coordinator friend the reason why it's so important to create a reception area that's so appealing for everyone participating in a certain event. His reply was short and precise, "Comfort, my dear."

Vegetable And Fruit Freshener

I usually buy loads of vegetables and fruits especially when the price is reasonably low. However, since their shelf life is not so long, most of them rot and end up in the trashcan. I end up wasting more money than actually saving it.

A good friend at school recommended a vegetable and fruit freshener which she claimed to extend the freshness of her green items inside her refrigerator for at least a week and a half more.

Adding a week or two to my vegetables and fruits' shelf life does make a lot of difference especially for my wallet (actually, my boyfriend's). So, I looked it up on the internet and got surprised on how cheap the item is.

These freshener balls contain natural minerals which absorb unwanted gas, excreted by both vegetables and fruits while inside the refrigerator. Through this simple process of absorption, the balls help in slowing down food spoilage therefore, increasing its shelf life.

All one must do is to place one ball where your fruits and vegetables are located. Amazingly, each ball may last up to 90 days (more or less three months) of use before replacing it with a new one.

I purchased three freshener balls a couple of weeks ago and it did help in sealing the freshness of my green items.

Does it cost so much? No. In fact, each pack includes three balls for only Kr40 (40 Swedish crowns) which is about US$5 or Php240. What a perfect solution!

Uplift Your Self Confidence - Join Spencer Kobren's Hair Loss Community Forum

Alopecia is the scientific term referred to the hair thinning condition which some men go through in life. The patter of alopecia condition may either be alopecia areata (loss of some hair of the head) or alopecia totalis (loss of all the hair of the head) or alopecia universalis (hair loss involving the whole body).
We usually meet a number of men day after day who are suffering from hair loss. They might be our friends or family members. This means that such a condition seems to be an ordinary and natural phenomenon. However, according to studies, men who have alopecia are at some point troubled and disturbed especially during the early stages of the condition. A number of men find it difficult to accept the fact that they aren't one of the few lucky ones to skip a hair loss state in life. Male pattern baldness is sometimes described by most as a disease which degrades one's self confidence and self-esteem. Due to these reasons, Spencer Kobren established the American Hair Loss Association which is formed to make the public and healthcare professionals aware about how alopecia can negatively affect and change a man's life. Kobren's The Bald Truth; The First Complete Guide To Preventing And Treating Hair Loss is an international best seller which has been adored by many around the world. It has shed light into the dark issue of baldness. In fact, the book has been translated into five different languages to reach all those who are suffering from the said disease around the world.

Wanting to touch more lives and give hair loss patients more hope, Kobren also launched a forum wherein people who are undergoing alopecia can connect, communicate and change experiences with one another. By meeting other people who are going through the same thing, there is a huge possibility that one can at least build up his self-confidence back slowly with the help of others.

With the continuous development of science, the forum also provides a section where people can talk about different hair loss treatments. You can also find a hair transplant forum where you can find people who have done the procedure, have shared their stories and discuss the benefits they gained by choosing the hair transplant option.

So if you have hair loss issues and are bothered about it, I suggest you join the forum. It's for free and only takes a few minutes to sign up.

The Hassle-Free Term Life Insurance At CompassQuote

There have been many discussions regarding how difficult and time consuming it is to apply for a life insurance. I have friends whose experiences have been crucial as every individual applying is required to undergo a medical examination first and the waiting period have taken some months before knowing if their applications are accepted or not. There are some, who after the long wait, get denied in the end. I know that most of you can related to this. Perhaps, you might even be one of the many who have had the same experience.
Anyway, the good news is, I have been told about CompassQuote which provides individuals with a no medical exam life insurance policy, a new option from the very well-known HSBC Insurance Company. This is really handy and quick as applicants will only need to answer a few health questions on their online application sheets which one can complete and submit in just minutes. Another benefit one can get from this is that instead of waiting for months for the company's decision, you will get the results instantly. It is what we can call a hassle-free term life insurance processing.

So, if you want to get your own no medical life insurance, feel free to check their website. You will surely love the product features and benefits policy holders can avail of without the need of getting through so much.

The Stress Institute - Guide To A Well-Balanced Life

Most of the time, we find ourselves trapped in the long list of our everyday "what-to-do's" that even if there are 24 hours each day, it is never enough to have everything done. We wake up early in the morning, prepare for work, work for at least eight hours a day, go home to our families and try to spend as much time with them. There are even some who do not meet the eight-hour sleep per day health rule. Worst is, at some point, we have to bring home from our work to be able to meet deadlines. Life is filled up of stress and stress can actually tear our health apart.

Having a well-balanced life and work is necessary and should be a part of our lifestyle. However, with too much demand in our jobs and at home, we mostly take the balance forgranted. Working in a company is never easy. You have to leave up to your boss' expectations. We try to always give it our best even at times giving all that we have - time, freedom and health. Employee work life balance is also necessary for us to function properly. If we keep on pushing ourselves to the limit, soon our energies will be drained, dried and emptied.

The Stress Institute, founded in 1997 by the very well-known Dr. Kathleen Hall has a list of simple and effective tips on how to find balance between work and life. Remember that we are working NOT because we want to kill ourselves for the sake of money. We work because we want to support ourselves and of course the best part, enjoy our earnings. Get the most simple solutions from The Stress Institute which will surely enlighten you on how to achieve a harmonious, happy and stress-free life.

Balanzza Luggage Scales - A Must Have For Travelers

My frequent traveler friend always gets into cash trouble whenever her luggage are being weighed at the airport. She claims that she tries to not go over the baggage weight limit. However, since she loves to shop in every place or country she visits, she usually ends up paying for the excess baggage charges.

Since it's going to be her birthday soon, I decided to buy her a cool gift which can possibly help her avoid passing the maximum baggage allowance. Balanzza Luggage Scales are considered to be a must have for travelers. This is why I decided to purchase one for my friend. She'll surely love it as it's so easy to use. All she just needs to do is to attach her bag or case on the device's strap, lift it from the floor and wait until she hears the beep. She will then be able to know how heavy or light her items are. She will at least have an idea on what to do next in order to prevent paying extra charges.

Keeping Skin Young With Emerge Labs Products

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is a popular quote which has been a part of my daily life. As apples are rich in vitamin C, having a piece of the fruit per day strengthens the immune system.

Moreover, apples are now also known to be effective in combating the signs of aging. After the careful study and research conducted by the experts from Emerge Labs Organic Skin Care, it has been proven that cells from rare apples in Switzerland can aid in the self-renewal capacity of the skin. The success of the research has led to the production of Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum which is already available in the market today.

With this breakthrough, I am sure that a lot of women (and men) will benefit from this anti-aging formula. We can now say that "An apple a day keeps both doctors and wrinkles away."

In The Rooms - Reach Out And Be Reached

To most people who have been under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other form of addiction confess about the truth that trying to recover the healthy lifestyle back is the most difficult thing to do. This is because they are mostly misunderstood and are even sometimes denied of the attention and help they need. It's always never easy to pick up the broken pieces on your own. According to studies, the recovery period of a certain individual is a lot easier when he (or she) finds someone who can be there for him along the way not. People always need someone to talk to. It makes living a lot worth everything else.In The Rooms is an online community where people around the world can communicate, connect and share their experiences with each other. It's one great network where people undergoing recovery periods don't need to feel alone anymore. As of the present, family members, friends and colleagues who are interested to reach out to those who need a caring heart and ears to listen are also encouraged to join. In The Rooms is not just a simple social networking community. It is more of a home for anyone who needs support and understanding.

So if you want to touch others' lives or be touched, join the community and begin your journey with In The Rooms.

The 7-7-7 Tag from 'D

I got this tag centuries ago (okey, that's an exaggeration) from my "blugging" buddy 'D and blogging friend littlemissfly. Thanks!!! My excuse(s) for being late (again) - aside from being so busy in school, I also tried to make this tag a very personal one. I believe that it is about time to make my blogging friends around the whole universe to know me more as a person and not just the author of both this blog and Ovah' Coffee. Honestly, I have spent some days thinking about making this really personal as this tag can either break me or make me. Well, I hope that we will still all remain friends after this one!

So, here are the rules:
  1. List these rules on your blog.
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
  3. Tell 7 unspectacular quirks on yours.
  4. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their name as well as links to their blogs.
  5. Link the person who tagged you.
  6. Leave a comment for each blogger.
7 facts about Maxi:
  1. My real name's Mary Anne. My classmates in gradeschool call me Maan. My classmates in highschool changed my nickname to Maye (pronounced as Ma-ye'). My younger brothers call me Ate A-anne. Known as Maxi (after my dog's name) on blogosphere.

  2. Since I was small, I always hoped to become an engineer just like my mom and dad. But after graduating from highschool, they decided to send me to pharmacy school. I hated the idea at first because I thought I disliked Science. It turned out that aside from Math, Science is my passion.

  3. Been living in Sweden since 29 June 2007. I was chosen as one of Sweden's ambassadors of goodwill when I was barely a year old immigrant here. According to people responsible for giving me the title, I was chosen because I was one of the few who have learned the language in a short time.

  4. I can be extremely quiet or extremely loud. It does not mean that there's something wrong with me when I am not talking too much. It's just my way of giving other people the chance to open their mouth.

  5. I rarely get angry. Me and my boyfriend have been living in together for one year and nine months. The whole time, he has only seen me get angry twice.

  6. I am suffering from a certain type of heart disease ischemia. I do suffer from attacks (difficulty of breathing) when under stress. This is why I don't drink nor smoke.

  7. I was once ran over by a car. I was unconscious for hours. I woke up with stitches on my forehead and scalp. It is when I realized that quick death does not hurt at all. Being unconscious after the accident is like dying for awhile. You close your eyes and feel nothing at all. I was just lucky I was able to wake up again. Since then, I try to live life to the fullest without hurting anybody as much as possible.
7 unspectacular quirks about me:

  • When I mentioned on one of my posts that I am a shoe lover, I mean it. I now have over 30 pairs of shoes within my one year and nine months stay here in Sweden. Most pairs are rarely used.
  • When I told 'D that I am a wrestling fan, I really am. I am just lucky that my boyfriend shares the same crazy love for wrestling as well.
  • My love for Coca-cola does not end with just enjoying its taste. I even recycled a Coke bottle and turned into my piggy bank.
  • I took painting lessons when I was 13 years old not because I love painting but because I was forced to do so. It was part of my curriculum in highschool. It was when I discovered I can paint somehow. Since then, I paint whenever I have spare time.
  • I choose to wear skirts and dresses over pants. Even during winter, I try to wear skirts, with leg warmers of course. (and yes, I am obviously a cat lover aside from adoring dogs)
  • I rarely get late which is the reason behind having a collection of watches.I love to sing but singing's not really meant for me. (this recording can only be played until 31 March 2009 as, an online recording site is closing out soon). At least now, you'll get an idea about how I sound and make you know me better.

    Sorry about this one. I am half a beat late. Something's wrong with my laptop and mic.
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