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Uplift Your Self Confidence - Join Spencer Kobren's Hair Loss Community Forum

Alopecia is the scientific term referred to the hair thinning condition which some men go through in life. The patter of alopecia condition may either be alopecia areata (loss of some hair of the head) or alopecia totalis (loss of all the hair of the head) or alopecia universalis (hair loss involving the whole body).
We usually meet a number of men day after day who are suffering from hair loss. They might be our friends or family members. This means that such a condition seems to be an ordinary and natural phenomenon. However, according to studies, men who have alopecia are at some point troubled and disturbed especially during the early stages of the condition. A number of men find it difficult to accept the fact that they aren't one of the few lucky ones to skip a hair loss state in life. Male pattern baldness is sometimes described by most as a disease which degrades one's self confidence and self-esteem. Due to these reasons, Spencer Kobren established the American Hair Loss Association which is formed to make the public and healthcare professionals aware about how alopecia can negatively affect and change a man's life. Kobren's The Bald Truth; The First Complete Guide To Preventing And Treating Hair Loss is an international best seller which has been adored by many around the world. It has shed light into the dark issue of baldness. In fact, the book has been translated into five different languages to reach all those who are suffering from the said disease around the world.

Wanting to touch more lives and give hair loss patients more hope, Kobren also launched a forum wherein people who are undergoing alopecia can connect, communicate and change experiences with one another. By meeting other people who are going through the same thing, there is a huge possibility that one can at least build up his self-confidence back slowly with the help of others.

With the continuous development of science, the forum also provides a section where people can talk about different hair loss treatments. You can also find a hair transplant forum where you can find people who have done the procedure, have shared their stories and discuss the benefits they gained by choosing the hair transplant option.

So if you have hair loss issues and are bothered about it, I suggest you join the forum. It's for free and only takes a few minutes to sign up.

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