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Vegetable And Fruit Freshener

I usually buy loads of vegetables and fruits especially when the price is reasonably low. However, since their shelf life is not so long, most of them rot and end up in the trashcan. I end up wasting more money than actually saving it.

A good friend at school recommended a vegetable and fruit freshener which she claimed to extend the freshness of her green items inside her refrigerator for at least a week and a half more.

Adding a week or two to my vegetables and fruits' shelf life does make a lot of difference especially for my wallet (actually, my boyfriend's). So, I looked it up on the internet and got surprised on how cheap the item is.

These freshener balls contain natural minerals which absorb unwanted gas, excreted by both vegetables and fruits while inside the refrigerator. Through this simple process of absorption, the balls help in slowing down food spoilage therefore, increasing its shelf life.

All one must do is to place one ball where your fruits and vegetables are located. Amazingly, each ball may last up to 90 days (more or less three months) of use before replacing it with a new one.

I purchased three freshener balls a couple of weeks ago and it did help in sealing the freshness of my green items.

Does it cost so much? No. In fact, each pack includes three balls for only Kr40 (40 Swedish crowns) which is about US$5 or Php240. What a perfect solution!

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