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Susan Luccis Youthful Essence

If you have read my January 14 post entitled "Your Own Facial Clinic At Home", you now know then that I "facial brush" my face at least once every two weeks to get rid of the old unwanted dead skin cells.Great thing is, another amazing facial brush kit has been released on the market recently. It's called Susan Luccis Youthful Essence. It is distributed in kits in two different packages you can choose from:

Youthful Essense Deluxe Kit - £49.90
  • Vitamin Enriched Resurfacing Cream
  • 2 pieces Sponge Applicators
  • Facial Mist and Toner
  • Daily Protection Moisturizer
  • Cleansing Facial Wash

  • Waterlight Resurfacing Tool which comes with batteries
  • Cleansing Facial Wash
  • Massage Attachment
  • Body Sponge Applicator
  • Spa Cleansing Brush Attachment
Youthful Essence Introductory Kit - £29.95
  • Vitamin Enriched Resurfacing Cream
  • 2 pieces Sponge Applicators

  • Waterlight Resurfacing Tool which comes with batteries
  • Cleansing Facial Wash
  • Massage Attachment
  • Body Sponge Applicator
  • Spa Cleansing Brush Attachment
Just like my simple facial brush, Youthful Essense promotes microdermabrasion, meaning, it promotes skin exfoliationof the outer epidermal layer of the skin therefore removing dead skin cells and revealing new ones.

Thing is that this kit consists of a Resurfacing Cream which according to the manufacturer contains tiny diamond-like substances which is really effective in shedding off the skin's outmost layer. The diamond-like ingredient makes it feel like you are actually having a diamond-peel session at home.

The product promises consumers to achieve younger looking skin after some applications. As I am interested to buy one myself, I have gone through some reviews written by some who have used it personally and I have read both positive and negative reports. Other say that it is really effective while other say that it's not worth paying for.

Now I am puzzled if I should get one and try it myself or just skip it at the moment.

I really need to do some thinking then!

Defective Medtronic Defibrillator Leads? - Mark & Associates, P.C. Can Help

Cardiac arrhythmia has been one of the most common killer diseases in the history. Therefore when defibrillators have been introduced as safe to be implanted for people suffering from arrhythmia, many have given it a try. However, the important question remains: "Is it really safe?"

Before proceeding, let us first know what cardiac arrhythmia is. Arrhythmia which is also often called dysrhythmia is the scientific term used to describe irregular heartbeat. Normally, heart rate only ranges from 50 to 100 beats every single minute. However, patients with arrhythmia suffer from irregular heart beat. The condition can be subdivided into two:
  • Bradyarrhythmias - term which refer to the type of arrhythmia with slower heartbeat
  • Tachyarrhythmias - indicates the type of arrhythmia with accelerated heartbeat
Although arrhythmia is classified into two categories, most patients suffering from this case is suffering from the second type, tachyarrhythmias. Irregular heartbeat is considered to endanger life as patients who are suffering from this illness can cause the heart to stop functioning at a certain period of time without any warning at all. Doctors recommend taking certain specific drugs such as beta-blockers to control heart-rate or warfarin to minimize instances of blood clotting. However, if these drugs don't seem to help at all, doctors recommend patients to have defibrillator implanted.

Defibrillators, the simple term for Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators or ICDs, is a device implanted in the patient's shoulder. It has a lead that goes through the patient's veins that are connected to the heart. This little device monitors heart beat that whenever it observes that the heart rhythm is too fast, it sends energy to the heart muscle which puts back hearth beat to normal.

Medtronic, Inc., one of the most popular manufacturers of ICDs withdrew two of their device models in the 15th of October 2007 as there had been records of Sprint Fidelis Defibrillator Leads' malfunction of about 2.3% of the total patients (around 268,000 people around the world) implanted with the said device. According to data collected, the defective defibrillator leads delivers wrong information to its computer therefore sending unesserary energy to the heart. Due to this error, at least five patients had already died and that there are more and more people have been complaining about the same failure as they feel the painful undesirable sensation whenever it takes place.

Due to these circumstances, most people who have been affected by Medtronic Defibrillator Recall are now looking for justice. So if you or one of your loved ones are experiencing the disadvantages of this device, it is recommended for you to file Defibrillator Lead Lawsuit against Medtronic, Inc. to defend your valuable rights.

Skin Whitening Trio

Most say that human beings will never be contented on who they are... especially, on how they look. There are those who have their nose lifted, breasts augmented, teeth reconstructed, butts reformed and of course, skin colour changed.

I used to dream about having a fairer and whiter complexion. There were times when I would buy different whitening creams on the market just to try if they would really make my skin lighter. After trying some brands, I gave up and decided to just love my skin the way it is.

Curious about what new whitening products are being sold today, I surfed through some google pages to satisfy my questioning. The first page I got into was really new to me called Pallid Skin Lightening System. Pallid Skin Lightening System actually a kit which contains Pallid tablets, a jar of Pallid cream and a bottle of Pallid liquid which the manufacturer, Avre Skin Care calls the "Ultimate Skin Whitening Formula" which adds up to the curioussnes I already have in mind.

To sum up, the product is made from all natural formula making it safe for everyone to use. The three products which are contained in each set delivers a triple working action whitening approach to the skin as:
  • Pallid cream - works on whitening the skin's surface
  • Pallid liquid - penetrates the deeper layers of the skin
  • Pallid tablets - as they are taken orally, the tablets will work from within and through the blood stream
You can of course buy each product separately. As of the today, 30 January 2009, both Pallid Tablets and Pallid Liquid are out of stock. The only preparation which is available for shipping is the Lightening Cream which costs from US$49-95 (I am not sure though why it's priced like that. Could be that it depends on your location as it will depend on the shipping cost, too). Each jar contains 50mL of the product which is estimated to last one month of consumption.

Knowing that the product sells like hotcakes, could be that it's really effective. So if you are wishing to have that lighter complexion you've always been dreaming of, Pallid might be the answer to your complexion needs.

Archmaille Designs - Your One Stop Jewelry Store

Unlike most women, I wasn't so fond of wearing any jewelry before. I did not feel the need of having them when I was younger. But since the day magnetic jewelries became famous as magnets promote better blood circulation especially when attached to the body, I started browsing over the net for a jewelry store which sells magnetic accessories.

It did not take so much time for me to find a specific online store which sells the type of jewelry I want. Aside from enjoying the magnetic jewelry I have ordered from them, they also sell copper jewelries, accessories made in silver and many more.

I did not only enjoy browsing through pages of different sorts of jewelry they have, I also love the fact that the website gives jewelry lovers like me tips on how to care for these items.

If you are interested to look for the latest in accessories, I suggest you spend sometime checking a certain jewelry store online to save more time and effort!

Laughter - The Best Medicine

"Laughter is the best medicine." - We have heard that line many times over and over and we have also proven it to be true. You know, after a hard day's work, you meet a friend... tell each other jokes and there you are laughing, feeling stress-free at once. Or you go home after working overtime and you watch one of your favourite comedy shows and you burst into tears of laughter.. suddenly, the burden from at work disappears!

I mean, we can all of course relate to this quote, right?

These days that my brain's been twisted and turned upside down due to my horrifying swedish subject (on the other hand, I am actually enjoying learning it. However, there are really times when I find it difficult... you know what I mean..). So, it is always comforting to go home after the class, open the telly and watch something funny to entertain me.

Just recently, I saw two boys in a film (they did not really play a huge role though) who looked familiar. My boyfriend told me that it was the Backdorm Boys. As I was curious, he opened up a couple of links in youtube for me. Gosh.. they really made me cry due to laughter.

Here's my favourite clip from them:

Well, they started from singing in front of their webcam, recorded each performance and boom! There they are - performing today in many shows both on stage and on tv. I do believe they deserve it. I mean, why not? They were creative enough to turn their boredom into fame. They are called Backdorm Boys as they began recording their first few shoots inside their room in the dormitory and obviously, the name was inspired by the famous group: BackStreet Boys.

If China is proud of their duo, in the Philippines, Moymoy Palaboy is also creating their own fame! Just like Backdorm Boys, Moymoy Palaboy started recording their music videos at the comfort of their home, got noticed and made it to the Philippine celebrity world.

Here's one of my favourite videos from them:

Have fun guys!

Find The Right Web Hosting Provider at Web Hosting Geeks

Most people start building their websites in the wrong way. First, they do not really take some time to think about what the website will really cater, its title, its layout and its contents. People just start having their own sites just out of the blue.

In order to be successful in the internet world, one should devote some time especially in preparing everything about the website that he is building. Remember to never jump into something that you are not sure of. Otherwise, you will find yourself one day in desperation and deep disappointments.

If you finally put some thoughts on the physical attributes of your website (such as the title, layout, etc.), it is then time to focus on choosing which webhosting companies will suit your needs. Most people do not know the importance of a webhosting service in each website.

Webhosts are companies which supply space on a specific space on a server they own which are needed by their clients. These companies also provide internet connectivity which is very important in running your own website.

There are lots of webhosting providers nowadays with different packages and deals to meet your every demand. It is highly suggested that before even fixing your decision on choosing your host provider, find some time in reading webhosting reviews in order to know which one is best and advantageous for you to have.

If you are looking for a webhost provider to cater your website needs, I suggest you visit them at Web Hosting Geeks as they have every information you need in finding the right provider for you.

So be sure to start right for you to avoid headaches and of course avoid failure in the end.

Healthier Pizza Version

Losing weight does not have to be so much of a sacrifice. There is no short-cuts in losing those pounds away. It takes time and patience. This is the reason why most people who are on diet are stopping themselves from enjoying life at the same time.

Life is short. It is right to keep yourself healthy but it isn't good to stop yourself from eating what you want. The secret is... everything should be put in moderation. If you have to eat vegetables, fruits and fish everyday, at least leave one night as an excuse to have fun in life.

My boyfriend's in a diet and he's really trying to cut off some pounds away which is of course good! However, he makes it a point not to miss out on his cravings at least one day in each week.

He eats healthy food from Monday to Saturday and he's really losing weight. But on Sundays, he eats whatever he wants to eat by converting his favourite food into healthier ones.

For example last Sunday, he craved for pizza. So what I did was, I made a thin-crust dough for him. Then, spread the pizza sauce over the half-baked dough. Instead of loading the pizza with the delicious pile of cheese, I sprinkled a very little pieces of cheese just to add to taste and of course, to make it look like pizza somehow. Then, instead of putting his favourite toppings such as ham, bacon and sausage, I topped his pizza with vegetables (carrots, peas and string beans). I put it on the oven for some minutes and it's done! I also added a bowl of freshly prepared green vegetable salad with corn and slices of apple to at least add enough fiber and other essential vitamin and minerals to his meal. And it's done!

He actually loved the pizza. Although it wasn't as delicious as what I usually did for him, it was still pizza prepared the healthier way.

So, as of now, I am wondering what to prepare for him on Sunday. We'll see!

Neurocysticercosis - Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

What are the symptoms?
  • confusion
  • headaches
  • hydrocephalus or the swelling of the brain
  • lack of attention to surroundings
  • seizures
  • sudden death
  • trouble with balance
How can neurocysticercosis treated?
  • Albendazole - is well absorbed by the body and is considered to be very useful for treating cysticercosis of nervous system

  • Praziquantel - used to treat tapeworm infestations but is less effective than albendazole in treating neurocysticercosis

  • Steroid anti-inflammatories - administered to reduce the swelling of the brain

  • Surgery - you might be interested to watch the video below where you'll see how the worm's (or worms') is removed through operation:

  • be sure to only eat well-cooked pork meat
  • when going to certain places, be extra careful when drinking tap water
  • be sure to treat T. solium infection as early as it is detected

Get Hold Of Your Reading Festival Tickets Through Seatwave Now!

It is true that we have to work in order to survive. However, it is advised that we also avoid being too much stressed from our daily responsibilities. It is just right for us to go out and enjoy life, too!

If you are the type of person who finds it entertaining to watch certain events, then do it! It is always better to relax after a long week of being fastened into your job. You surely deserve it.

As more and more people nowadays are indulging themselves in entertainment such as sports, concerts and theatre, it is better to buy tickets over the internet to be sure that you get some seats reserved just for you and your friends or family during the certain event. Otherwise, there is a huge possibility that you will end up regretting not reserving seats in advance.

At Seatwave, you can order tickets for the specific event that you want to go to with a guarantee that you will be able to get your ticket in time. Otherwise, they will be returning your money back.

One featured event is the Reading Festival which are starting to sell lots of tickets at this early point in time. Being renowned as one of the most awaited music festivals every year, the tickets are quickly selling so be sure to make your reservations now so as to be sure that you can partake on the same event.

So, don't wait to long and don't even think twice. Get hold of your Reading Festival Tickets as soon as possible to avoid the rush!

Remember to avoid too much work-stress and enjoy life!

Earn Through Your Blog - LinkPost Today!

I love to blog because for me, it is through blogging where I can express my ideas and thoughts freely all over the world. The internet is indeed a great place to share yourself to people who are interested to listen to what you have to say.

I started blogging since August 2008. I first had no idea that bloggers could actually get paid to blog. After going through some friends' websites, I learned that there are really advertisers out there who are willing to pay us bloggers just by writing a short review about their products and by adding their links on our posts.

I have also surfed the internet about online sites which have advertisers who are willing to buy link posts. I did not need to go too far as the first few pages already gave me the answers I wanted to see. I stumbled upon where bloggers all around the world can be given lots of chances to write for their advertisers and earn money through Paypal in return. I immediately signed up and got two opportunities the same day. Isn't it great?

Their procedure is not difficult to follow at all. You just have to sign up first and register your blog. The administrators are so quick in checking your profile and blog that they send you an e-mail letting you know that your blog qualified and you can start earning at once... just like me!

So if you have your own website, start earning through your blog today. You will surely enjoy unlimited opportunities!

Additional Information:

Received two payments from them today, 1 February 2009. You can see my post about the payments here.

Tea Bags For Eye Bags

Related Topics:

General Information About Eye Bags
Extraderm Age-Defy Wrinkle-Correct Eye Cream

If you have been able to read about my post about eye bags, you might have already learned great tips on how to solve your eye puffiness problems.

So did you try at least one of the techniques I mentioned? If so, did it work for you?

I also tried one product which I brought from the Philippines, the Extraderm Age-Defy Wrinkle-Correct Eye Cream. This cream actually brought me good results. However, I ran out of it a few days ago. It's difficult to get hold of a new one since the product is not available here in Sweden.

So, I went back to using used tea bags to minimize my eye bags. The past days had been so busy that I needed to stay up late at night to review the lessons my teachers gave us during class. I also had to finish lots of essays that were due for submission. So, my eye bags gained ten pounds more! Okey, that's an exaggeration!

So, what I do these days is that I pick up the used tea bags instead of throwing them right away on the trash can. I place the wet tea bags on my eyes for some minutes (usually from 15 to 20 minutes). After that, I wash my face with cold water and pat it dry with a clean piece of cloth.

I feel refreshed after doing this. It of course does not magically vanish away the puffiness around the eye area. But it gives visible results by minimizing the size of the eye bags.

If you are not in a hurry, you can also place first the used wet tea bags inside your refrigerator for some minutes. It feels better on the eyes if the bags are a little bit cold (but not too cold).

If you have eye bag issues, try this procedure. You might like it like I do.

Dalworth Clean - The Floor Care Experts

My parents are always particular when it comes to keeping the floor clean and tidy as it is one of the most common sources of germs and bacteria. Others do not care so much on the conditions of their floors. However, to those who have members of the family suffering from certain allergies, asthma and the like, it is important to regularly polish the floor to keep it from dusts and other allergy-causing factors.

We love to do the cleaning on our own. Just like what we usually do, we mop the tiled-floor and the vacuum the carpets. However, from time to time, it is wiser to ask for floor care experts especially when the tiles are already starting to discolour and the when the carpets need thorough cleaning beneath them.

One thing I really hate is when cleaning the spaces in between tiles which are termed as "grout". Grout cleaning takes so much of my time as I need to soap it and brush the dirt out of it. So if you want to have a cleaner floor, I suggest you hire floor care experts to deal with your floors such as the people from Dalworth Clean. Save your energy, save your money and keep your floors safe for you and your family by leaving your floors to the experts!

Slippery Days

If you have read about my Snow-Flooded Monday post, you will surely get the idea of what I am talking about right now.

Anyway, just yesterday after meeting my friends in class, we shared our dreadful, life-threatening monday experience. We talked about how dangerous it was for us to walk on snow. The worst part of our monday was when walking on our way home. Although paths were already cleared for pedestrians like us, it was still unsafe to walk as the road was so slippery due to ice. The pathway was still sandless making it too hard to make a single step as one might slip and fall. So, many of my classmates did fall on that Monday afternoon. They shared how painful and embarrassing each fall was.

Well, most of my classmates are now suffering from black (or blue... whatever) marks on their legs and thighs... evidence from our horrible monday.

(on the photo: already sanded walkway just fronting our school)

Glad to say that yesterday morning (tuesday), the walkways were cleared and sanded. A lot safer now to walk on to than monday.

I am now thinking of buying a pair of anti-slippery shoe grips (refer to the photo on the right) for safety. They look really ugly and I feel uncomfortable while walking with them. attached to the shoes. However, those ugly things might just save me from embarrassment and pain.

Find Prom Dresses That Will Make You Comfortable All Night Long

I still remember those days when I had gone through all types of stress days before the prom night. Many say that prom nights are considered to be one the most important events in a person's life. I do believe in it as many go through so much preparation just to look confident and great on that very special evening.

Well, I can say that I had my share of wonderful and unforgettable moments during my prom days. Although it was so stressful to go through many prom dresses to choose from, I can say that it was all worth it since I got "The Star of the Night" award twice in different years. Great, isn't it?

Anyway, to be sure that you will be having the night of your life during your prom experience, you have to consider first what it is that you really want to wear. It is better if you can spend some time going through online stores where there are lots of different prom dresses to choose from. Be careful in deciding which one to take so you will not be disappointed in the end. Always take your time before finally picking the one you will be using for your prom night.

There are many great stores that sell very pretty, elegant and eye-catching prom dresses that come in reasonable prices. All you have to do is browse the internet and search for these awesome stores to cater your very need.

So, how can you be sure that it is the perfect one for you? Prom dresses come in different styles therefore, the first thing you need to keep in mind is to look for the one which fits your personality. Do you want it sexy, simple or unique? Whatever it is that you want you will truly find the dress which you will surely love.

Remember, always take some time to go through pretty prom dresses and try them all. Always choose the one that fits your style and makes you feel comfortable!

Just Love My Crosstrainer!

As the roads are packed with snow these days (you can read more about my snow-flooded experience here), I find it so difficult to follow my exercise routine. On regular days when the walkway is clear and safe to walk on to, I go on breast-walking or jogging usually in the afternoon after attending classes in school. My daily exercise keeps me healthier and of course, in shape.

However, as it is too difficult to walk outside these days, I need to stop jogging for awhile until the roads are cleared again. Not wanting to miss a daily routine, my boyfriend ordered a cross-trainer for me (and for him, too) to satisfy my fitness needs. For those who do not know, I have ischemia (a type of heart disease) that is why I need to avoid adding up some pounds or else, I will end up having difficulties in breathing.

Anyway, I am just glad that nowadays, I no longer need to hit the streets of Sweden to keep healthy. I can just stay home and run as long as I want without leaving home.

If you are interested (like me) in working out, I suggest you buy a crosstrainer for yourself. Well, you can of course go for threadmills and other exercise machines which you feel will suit your needs. They are quite expensive but will surely be worth every penny.

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Small Toaster Oven - A Great Kitchen Tool!

I love the idea that I can cook food just by clicking a button and turning a knob of these small toaster ovens. This simple kitchen appliance does not take so much space and it comes so handy in many ways.

I am fascinated with the idea of cooking meat in ovens instead of frying them. This way, I am able to eat healthier due to the fact that oven-cooked meat contains lesser amount of grease. Plus, small toaster ovens do not cost so much at all making them a smart choice for people who want to enjoy cooking food in the oven without the need of paying much for the said machine.

As of now, I do not only use my toaster oven for meat products, I also use it for baking and cooking my favourite french fries. For me, I consider it to be one of the most important investments I've ever put my money into.

Wyeth Sold for $68 Billion?

Just after arriving from school, I opened my laptop to surf the internet of what's new for today. I was actually shocked after reading on Google News that Pfizer, considered as the world's leading drug manufacturer, will soon acquire Wyeth for the sum of $68 billion.

As a pharmacist, I went down to thinking how this could possibly take place. Working in the business for more or less 4 years, I knew that Wyeth is one of the most stable companies there is in the world. Perhaps not the largest but at least, stable. Well again, maybe I was wrong.

Anyway, according to Pfizer, this will actually be good because they will be able to concentrate more in finding treatments for diseases such as Alzheimer's, inflammation, psychosis, cancer and others.

Lipitor is another great challenge for Pfizer as they have to find a replacement to the said drug as its patent will expire in 2011. Lipitor for years have been the most popular cholesterol-cutting drug in the world and actually, the top-selling drug of all time. Well, I hope (and I believe) that Pfizer can find a solution as many are relying on this product (my mom was one of them and the drug really helped her a lot).

So, good luck to both companies!

Get The SLR Camera You Are Dreaming Of At 42nd Street Photo

My boyfriend has used to wonder why I love to take photos of almost everything. He has even given me the title "photoholic". I am not affected at all because it is true that I am a photo lover. Why not? I mean, life is too short and we have to make sure that we are able to capture every wonderful moment there is in life. For me, photography is the science of preserving memories of the past.

Well, the only device I have been using in taking my precious pictures the built-in camera in my mobile phone. The photos are not really that pretty as the quality is not at its best.

Before my 30th birthday, my boyfriend has started looking for great a SLR camera store where he can possibly purchase a powerful camera to satisfy my hobby in photography. Not only that. Since he supports me in every way, he wants me to improve skills in photography and broaden my knowledge about the said field.

So on my 30th birthday, my boyfriend handed me a new Canon EOS 400D Digital Camera from 42nd Street Photo. It came complete with all the necessary accessories to help me maximize my talent in photography to the fullest.

I love my new camera so much! Remember, life is too short so make every moment last forever using a great camera!

Minimize Pain! Think About The Food You Love!

I do not usually suffer from menstrual cramps. But today, it is just too painful that I have been tied on this soffa for many hours already. Everytime I try to get up take a short walk to the kitchen, I feel so much pain. I have already had my warm bath and have taken ibuprofen. Although the pain has slightly sloped down, the agony is still there.

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin says that whenever one is under achy discomfort, it actually helps when you think about the food you love and want to eat. According to them, fantasizing and daydreaming about the food you are craving for will increase your pain threshold. This means that you can put more concentration on your fantasies allowing you to bear more pain.

As of now, I am thinking about a slice of chocolate cake beside a scoop or two on my favourite chocolate chip ice cream. Honestly, it helps!

The Healing Miracle At Michael's House

According to statistics and research, more and more people are guilty of drug and alcohol abuse. There are some who admit that they are under the influence both alcohol and drug overuse however, there are still many who are under the shadows of denial.

Sad thing is, there is no easy way out from addiction of these powerful substances. One must be willing to ask help from friends and people who are experts on these fields. The best places to start a person's healing process are in drug rehab or alcohol rehab establishments. There, one can find everything that he needs in order to finish his complete journey to change.
Michael's House is a great place where you can find all important information about the basic science about addiction. Michael's House provides every individual an easy admission process and a befitting healing treatment procedure. Everyone who is undergoing treatment under their caring wings will surely have a comprehensive therapy which means that one can surely meet his every need on his journey for a renewed and cleaner life.

Great Fitness Tips at Punto Fape

People nowadays neglect the importance of physical fitness in their lives. We tend to eat more junks than eat healthy food. We choose to sit in front of the telly whole day long instead of getting out for a few minutes to jog or go to the gym to exercise. We do not even find time to do regular sit up and push up exercises at home just because we feel so lazy to do so.

We have to remember that physical fitness is necessary for the normal functioning of the heart, blood vessels, muscles and lungs. Without engaging ourselves in proper daily fitness activities, we will one day find ourselves getting weaker and weaker everyday. Of course... there are even some people who get sick just because they intend not to engage themselves in healthy activities. So be sure to take part in daily healthy routines.

Since I have been interested to read about fitness, I came across Punto Fape wherein I was able to find so many great articles about fitness and health. The website is really interesting as it also tackles topics about fitness machines - the different types and how to use them properly for more efficient results. Going through the pages, I have also found out that it also talks about beauty and grooming products such as make ups and great shaving creams and techniques for men. It is a one stop fitness website for people like you and me who love to know about healthy lifestyle.

So, are you one of those guys who want to flaunt their sexy muscular abs especially when on the beach or on a regular sunny day? I suggest you read some tips on how to achieve great shaped ab muscles. Learn on the safest way to have your dream body without missing important health facts. So be sure to get those fascinating muscles without leaving proper nutrition behind.

I know that people who are desperate to have better muscles go and lift weights without knowing about the proper technique and knowledge. Didn't you know that lifting weights can also hurt you if you do it the wrong way?

So even before indulging yourself in any weight lifting activities, you have to be sure that you are doing it the right way. I suggest you check Punto Fape's muscle and weight lifting exercises. You will not only find the right words to teach you how, you will also see photos to clearly illustrated the healthy way to the exercises.

We have seen a lot of men showing off their beautiful sexy muscles especially in body building competitions. I always get astonished and wonder how they can possibly retain the shape of their body. Amazing isn't it? Not only that, many women nowadays also take part in body building competitions and believe me, these women really have wonderfully shaped muscles to show.

So if you want to get into physical fitness the right way, check Punto Fape. You will find every important bit of fitness knowledge you need to know to keep you on the right track.

Ibuprofen Liquid Filled Capsules

When my boyfriend came home from London, along with the many stuffs he bought for me, he also bring home a box of Ibuprofen liquid filled capsules. I actually did not care about the box of pills as I thought that they are just the common once I knew of.

When I started complaining about my stomach pain last night, he then went to the medicine cabinet and took out two sets of pills. He asked me whether I would want to have the ordinary Ibuprofen capsule or the liquid filled one. Hmm.. Then I started to wonder.

Of course, I took the second option. As the capsule is filled up with liquid Ibuprofen, I supposed that it would melt and be absorbed quicker in my system than the regular one. Suppose I had been right, then the effect will obviously show in now time, too.

Yes. I was right. Just a few minutes later and the pain was gone.

I am not sure if the liquid filled Ibuprofen capsules are already available in most countries. But they are, I suggest you choose them over the regular tablets or capsules. It is really a great relief especially for us women who suffer so much with menstrual cramps. It is also very effective in relieving muscle pain, headache, toothache and the like.

The cost? It is a bit more expensive but I sure tell you that the slight difference is sure worth it!

Dedicated Servers At Prices You Can Afford

People say that if you want to keep your working, you have to read a lot of books and of course, keep yourself updated with the latest developments in the world of today. So, that's what exactly I yesterday.

I am not a computer expert that is why I try to keep up with what's new in the world of technology. Why not? I mean, I blog everyday and that almost every transaction in the world of today is done through the wonders of computers and internet.

I started looking up about the VPS or virtual servers. VPS is also sometimes known as VDS or the virtual dedicated server which is very important in the virtual world as it differentiates a physical server computer into multiple ones allowing your computer's physical server to run on its own dedicated machine.

If you are interested to know more about VPS, you should visit RapidSwitch. You will find everything that you need there. Plus... you will surely enjoy having a dedicated server of your own with a very affordable cost. Would you believe that they now offer servers for £1 per month? Check their website today. You might just find the server you are looking for at RapidSwitch.

My Simple Hair Care System

People have been asking me about my secret in keeping my hair shiny and healthy. They actually think that I usually go to salons to have my hair cared for. Thing is, salons here in Sweden are too expensive and I am do not want to use my money on such places. For me, there are far more important things to spend my money on.

Anyway, what I do is, I shampoo my hair everyday. Yup. Even if I am living in this very cold country, taking a shower or bath is in my list of daily priorities. Shampooing takes away the dirt and excessive oils from my hair. Of course, I condition my hair after. Tip is to apply a generous amount of conditioner on the hair and allow it to stay there for about 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse it and towel dry your hair. There are times when I do not need to use a comb since my hair is so smooth after my shower.

Whenever I have extra time, I blow dry my hair using gentle strokes with the use of my hair brush. Blow drying makes my hair a lot shinier.

I never use hair irons as I believe they will make my hair so dry as they are so warm that they tend to cook the hair inside out. So, I stay away from irons.

I do not also colour my hair... simply because I am satisfied with its colour. I think it is perfect on my skin tone.

So, this how I do it. I do not need to spend extra money to go to places and pay people to make my hair beautiful. I guess I am just lucky to have a long black shiny hair.

How about you? What's your hair care secret?

CarInsuranceQT - The Car Insurance Company You Can Rely On

We love our cars as they are a part of our daily lives. They transport us from one place to another with comfort and ease. We of course do not just love them... we value and care a lot for our cars.

Truth is, having your own car can also be stressful especially if you do not have your precious car insured. Think about it. How many car accidents happen every day? How many cars get lost or are stolen? If you are not prepared for the future, you will end up worrying each day. Hmm... remember that stress and life's worries can make your life so unhealthy!

So, it is just smart to start looking for a reliable car insurance to relieve you from possible road hassles. Spend some of your time to check car insurance quotes to help you in your decision making. At CarInsuranceQT, you might just find the one that is right for your wallet and your needs. Remember -- it does not take too much time to apply for a car insurance which can save you a lot of money and can help you have a secured feeling about your tomorrow. Check them out today!

Pamper Your Man!

Most men do not like the idea of "pedicure" or "manicure". I guess not even the word "foot spa" as they find it so girlish.

Well, my boyfriend was one of those "most men" who did not use to care about those three items I first mentioned above. It was enough for him to go to the shower or take a bath and soap his feet to keep them clean.

What I did was I asked him to try it out and see what he would think about it after. Being a nice guy, he gave me the chance to pamper his feet, toes and nails. Of course... he loved it!

Since that very first day I gave him pedicure and foot scrub, he looks forward to the next session every week.

Pedicure and manicure do not mean that your nails will be painted with nail polish after the nails have been cleaned. According to Wikipedia,

"A pedicure is a way to improve the appearance of the feet and their nails. The word pedicure comes from the Latin words pedis, which means of the foot, and cura, which means care. It also means the care of the feet and toenails. A pedicure can help prevent nail diseases and nail disorders. Pedicures are not just limited to nails; usually dead skin cells on the bottom of feet are rubbed off using a rough stone called a pumice stone."

See? The process can even be healthy for your hands and feet! So stop thinking that these lovely procedures are only intended for women. They are good for everyone!

So if you love your man and care for him so much, pamper him. I read once in Google health news that pedicure and manicure are great opportunities for you and your man to spend great time together. I believe it is true especially when my boyfriend comes home feeling so tired from work. Whenever I clean his nails, we get to talk and laugh about things in life. Not only that. He gets the chance to relax, too!

Love your men! Love their nails, too! He deserves it!

Bedroom Furniture At Prices You Can Afford

I always love to go home after a long day in school. I get so stressed and tired with all the subject and for me, the comfort of my home will help me relax a lot. Just like most of you, the bedroom is my favourite place to slow down my stress levels. I love to lie down on my soft bed and take some time to ponder and cherish a lot about my life.

For me, it is very important to have quality and comfortable bedroom furniture as it is not just an ordinary part of our house... it is more of a sanctuary, our place of total refuge.
If you are interested to find quality bedroom furniture at discounted price, visit the Bedroom Furniture Outlet. With lots of items to choose from, you will surely find the one which suits your taste and style.

Things To Remember When You Want To Donate Blood

I have always been interested in donating blood as I know that by doing so, I might help someone in extending his life if lucky. However, donating blood is not that easy. There are people who go to blood clinics and present themselves as blood donors. Sadly, some of them (actually most of them) go home without even completing their mission.

So, in order to know if you are qualified to donate blood, here are the qualifications:
  • you should be in good health and that you are feeling well during the day you are donating your blood

  • only individuals 17 years old and above are allowed to donate blood

  • your at least weigh 45 kg or 110 pounds

  • you have a regular or normal pulse rate (80 to 100 beats per minute)

  • your body temperature should not be above 37.5 degrees celcius

  • your blood pressure is at least between ranges of 160/90 to 110/60

Great Spa Chemicals For Your Great Bathtubs

I love to relax on my bath tub especially after a very busy long day. It helps me relax while feeling the warm soapy water cleaning my body. At times, I grab a book to read while lying in my tub. Most of the times, I take a nap and dream about winning the lottery one day.

Before filling up my lovely tub with water, I make sure that it is properly cleansed and sanitised. Submerging my whole body in the bathtub is not healthy at all if it's dirty and infected that is why I make sure that I do not run out of my favourite spa chemicals which are made from high quality raw chemicals to make my tub free from water-bourne diseases.
Good news is that, whenever you order bathtub cleaning chemicals from Hottubs2buy today, you will not only avail of the quick delivery of your orders. You will also get a an extra bottle of luxury hot tub fragrance for free!

Be Thankful That You Can Do The Burp Trick

I admit. I am constantly envious of people who can burp. Yes. You heard it right. Although some people consider burping embarrassing, for me, I consider it healthy.

Burp is also termed as belch. It is a process of letting off that extra gas out of our body through our mouth. Thing is, whenever we eat or drink something, we do not only take in food and liquid, we also swallow air. Most of the time, these extra gas should be taken out from the stomach through our esophagus and finally, through the throat - most commonly with the embarrassing burping sound.

Actually, the reason why I get envious of those who can do this burp trick is that, I find it so difficult to breath after eating. It does not matter if I have eaten so much or not, I just feel being choked. I always try to burp but I really can't. So, if possible, I try to lie down after eating just to breathe healthier.

So, if you can burp, do not be ashamed. Instead, be thankful.

For The Love Of Golf

To keep one in good physical shape and to stay healthy, it is best to indulge yourself to a specific type of sport you are really interested in. Sports do not only deal in keeping your body toned and trimmed. They also keep you mentally and emotionally active and fit. This is why most people who want to make themselves more alert engage themselves in the world of sports.

One popular type of sport is golf. According to theories, gold sport originated from Scotland sometime in the 12th century. However, this remains a theory up to this time.

In this modern age, many people find themselves interested in playing golf. Even kids start to show their passion for the game at a very young age. Since golf has become very popular, there are said to be about 32,000 golf courses in the whole world.

Due to the fact that there are a significant number of individuals who find their love for the sport, there are now golf schools which educate golf minded people about what the sport is really about. These golf schools also have golf shops that offer all golf equipments such as golf clubs, golf balls, golf suits, shoes, gloves and others in almost all brands possible. In schools, all you need to know and all the stuffs you need to play golf are located in just one place.

Natural and Conservative Varicose Vein Treatments

Related Topics:

Natural and Conservative Varicose Vein Treatments
  • Have your legs raised on a higher position to temporary relieve pain.

  • Leg exercise is good especially when you to the leg bicycle while lying down. This is done by lying on your back comfortably. Raise both of your legs and on air and make them feel like they are pedalling a bicycle. This will help you allow the veins to allow blood to flow a lot better.

  • Weather you are sitting or standing at work, it is best for you to wear compression stockings to correct the swelling issue of your bulging veins. You can also use working stocking or socks which are also good in minimizing the tiredness of your legs and veins.

  • Avoid washing your feet at once just after arriving at home. Allow your feet and legs to rest for a few minutes (best for 30 minutes).

  • If possible, avoid wearing high-heeled shoes or very tight ones as they the veins are more pressured and stressed with these types of shoes.

The Superfreak Ted Murphy Blog

If you need a little inspiration on how blogging should be, I suggest you take a short (or make it long. I am sure it is worth your time.) at the fantastic blog of Ted Murphy. You will surely love the layout and especially Ted's post. He claims to be a creative superfreak and indeed he is! Hmmm.. I wonder what else I should be doing to become a creative superfreak like him. Make that funny face perhaps, take a photo while I am doing it and paste it on this blog's header? What do you think?

Symptoms Of Varicose Veins

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Varicose Veins Symptoms
  • Painful legs which become worse during night time
  • Bulging swollen veins which are usually brownish-blue in colour
  • Swelling of the ankle and feet because of the fluid which not flowing blood
  • Redness and dryness of the skin where varicose veins are visible
  • If injuries occur on the affected area, healing process make take longer time than normal
  • Although it does not happen to all, the shrink above the ankle may shrink
  • Legs feel so restless
  • Feeling of heaviness and too much pain especially after walking too much or from standing for so long.

Leave Addiction Behind And Start A New Life

I have seen many movies in my life and in most films, there usually are scenes about people of any age being wasted due to too much intake of alcohol and overusage of drugs. It's such a sad feeling to see individuals who sink themselves so much in addiction. Although most of them want to get back on their feet again, they find it difficult to do so... mostly because they do not really know how to begin with in the first place.

People know all possible side effects of too much alcohol in the body. We also know that drugs are designed to treat diseases under a physician's guidance and not to overuse them. No matter what the reasons behind a person's drug abuse and alcohol abuse, these reasons are not enough to slowly kill your dreams away.
Others believe that it is already too late for them to give up their addiction. But as the saying goes, "Once you choose hope, anything's possible". If you really want to leave your wasted life behind, you will cling on to faith, no matter how small it is, that it is still possible to change.

Yes, it is difficult to say goodbye to addiction. That is why it is a necessity to involve yourself in drug rehab or alcohol rehab programs to help you in your journey to having a better life. Such facilities have different types of therapy for individuals with addiction issues. Each program will assist you in motivating yourself to look at the brighter side of life, reduce cravings, will guide you to strengthen yourself and most especially, will help you to love yourself more.

So if you or someone you love find it difficult to step away from addiction, it is best to seek professional help. Remember, there is no such word as "impossible".

Varicose Veins

Related Topic:

Definition and General Information:

Varicose veins were first defined by Carl Arnold Ruge, a German pathologist from Berlin as any dilated, elongated and toruous vein irrespective of size.

These enlarged veins are commonly found on the legs and feet. However, they may also occur on the hands, arms and some other parts of the body. These veins look like spider vains (also known as telangiectasias) but larger which are usually about 3 mm or more in diameter. They may come in flesh, dark purple or blue colors which seem to be twisted and bulging cords. They bulge due to the fact that these are swollen veins which rise above the skin's surface. They are more common in women than in men since varicose veins may also be due to menopause and pregnancy.

Health Insurance Companies For You Who Live In Las Vegas

Are you a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada who's looking for a great insurance company? If yes, I suggest to take some tour on some Nevada Health Insurance Companies and check what they have to offer you.

People say that it is always better to be prepared for our future since we do not have any idea what could possibly happen especially about our health. So, to avoid paying too much for your health care, you better start searching for a good health insurance company which can provide health insurance quotes for you and your family for free.


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Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid

Handwashing dishes can make the hands dry as it contains a strong ingredient known as SLS (read more about it here). We can of course use a pair of gloves to protect our hands from SLS' side effects. However, there are some who are not comfortable covering their hands while doing the dishes.

I have heard about Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid through a common friend. She told me that this product is really good. It effectively cleanse kitchen utensils and cuts off grease. Surprisingly, it is also very gentle to the hands.

Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid does not contain harmful products which may hurt your skin. The product is coconut based making it environmentally friendly.

Anyway, the product comes in 25 fluid oz bottles which costs from US$4-6 each.

UFO Pants - Fashion And Comfort Combined!

With tons of pants to choose from over the net these days, it's always better to be sure that you are making the right decision of buying something you really want. It is also important to find the right pair of pants which are comfortable for you to wear the entire day.
If so, UFO Pants might just be right one for you. UFO pants are made from light weight material to help you feel comfortable to move around without hassle at all. Not only that! They are also very fashionable! They come in different styles and colours to suit your every need!

So, grab your pair now! You will truly love them!


Some few years back while I was still managing a pharmacy in Davao City, I heard lots of small drugstores which received warnings as they were selling BioSlim.

BioSlim is a weight loss product, manufactured in China. It usually comes in forms of tablets and teas.

Anyway, the Bureau of Food and Drug, Philippines (BFAD) banned this brand in pharmacies as it resulted to negative side effects for those individuals who used them.

So, we did not sell the product since we were scared to get warnings and receive suspensions. However, it was almost everyday when there were more than 5 customers looking to buy one from us. I did not really find any good reason why most people are interested to purchase one despite the fact that the government had released a memorandum banning the said item. I guess lots were willing to take risks just to get hold of cheap weight loss preparations. At some point, I could not blame them as the price of commodities were really high that time. Yet, I wasn't brave enough to risk my license for it.

The everyday experiences with BioSlim customer cravings happened way back in 2003-2004. Out of curiosity, I checked over the net to see how it's doing in the market as of today.

Surprised as I am, there are still some who are interested to use the product up to now. Well, that's human nature, right? At some point in our lives we try and go for what we want even if it's not recommended at all.

Anyway, good luck to all who are still using it. If you are willing to take health risks, I hope that you are prepared for the results you might get in days to come.

Stay In Fashion The Whole Year Round!

The great thing about women of today is that we can wear what we want to wear and what makes us feel comfortable. We are creative enough to be different and be who we are especially when it comes to choosing the right clothes for the right occasions.

I love feeling sexy. It makes me feel comfortable knowing that I do not look wasted at all. So, just like most girls, teenagers and women our there, I also have a collection of sexy mini skirts in my wardrobe.
Sexy Mini Skirts
Just like what I mentioned, women are creative and can wear such skirts in different ways and in different situations.

As for me, I love to wear mini skirts on top of my leggings and tights. The leggings keep my legs and thighs warm especially during the winter season while the skirt on top of them gives accent and beauty to it. The combination of these two important lower body clothing for me is essential to keep me warm and help me stay in fashion. Many women especially in cold countries love this clothing style and so do I.

During the warm summer nights, one can wear these pretty skirts during parties and gatherings. Most wear it without stockings, leggings and tights. It is one best way to show the confidence you have and to give those pretty legs the attention they deserve!

So, go and get one now at Flirty Lingerie!

Leggings And Tights For Winter!

I used to wonder why women love to wear a pair of leggings or tights instead of a pair of pants during the winter season. During my first winter here in Sweden, I only use jeans to warm my legs and thighs. However, after talking to a friend, she told me that there are tights and leggings which are designed to keep the the lower part of the body warm (especially those which are made from wool). So, I bought a pair of black leggings the following day and tried it out. Yup. it's true. They did keep me warmer than jeans did. So, I bought some more pairs in different colors.

Well, there are some who are not comfortable wearing just the leggings or tights. So, they wear them under their jeans or cover them with long skirts.

But some just don't like to wear too much on. So a pair of leggings or tights are enough... just like me!

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