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My Simple Hair Care System

People have been asking me about my secret in keeping my hair shiny and healthy. They actually think that I usually go to salons to have my hair cared for. Thing is, salons here in Sweden are too expensive and I am do not want to use my money on such places. For me, there are far more important things to spend my money on.

Anyway, what I do is, I shampoo my hair everyday. Yup. Even if I am living in this very cold country, taking a shower or bath is in my list of daily priorities. Shampooing takes away the dirt and excessive oils from my hair. Of course, I condition my hair after. Tip is to apply a generous amount of conditioner on the hair and allow it to stay there for about 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse it and towel dry your hair. There are times when I do not need to use a comb since my hair is so smooth after my shower.

Whenever I have extra time, I blow dry my hair using gentle strokes with the use of my hair brush. Blow drying makes my hair a lot shinier.

I never use hair irons as I believe they will make my hair so dry as they are so warm that they tend to cook the hair inside out. So, I stay away from irons.

I do not also colour my hair... simply because I am satisfied with its colour. I think it is perfect on my skin tone.

So, this how I do it. I do not need to spend extra money to go to places and pay people to make my hair beautiful. I guess I am just lucky to have a long black shiny hair.

How about you? What's your hair care secret?

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