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Just Love My Crosstrainer!

As the roads are packed with snow these days (you can read more about my snow-flooded experience here), I find it so difficult to follow my exercise routine. On regular days when the walkway is clear and safe to walk on to, I go on breast-walking or jogging usually in the afternoon after attending classes in school. My daily exercise keeps me healthier and of course, in shape.

However, as it is too difficult to walk outside these days, I need to stop jogging for awhile until the roads are cleared again. Not wanting to miss a daily routine, my boyfriend ordered a cross-trainer for me (and for him, too) to satisfy my fitness needs. For those who do not know, I have ischemia (a type of heart disease) that is why I need to avoid adding up some pounds or else, I will end up having difficulties in breathing.

Anyway, I am just glad that nowadays, I no longer need to hit the streets of Sweden to keep healthy. I can just stay home and run as long as I want without leaving home.

If you are interested (like me) in working out, I suggest you buy a crosstrainer for yourself. Well, you can of course go for threadmills and other exercise machines which you feel will suit your needs. They are quite expensive but will surely be worth every penny.


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