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Laughter - The Best Medicine

"Laughter is the best medicine." - We have heard that line many times over and over and we have also proven it to be true. You know, after a hard day's work, you meet a friend... tell each other jokes and there you are laughing, feeling stress-free at once. Or you go home after working overtime and you watch one of your favourite comedy shows and you burst into tears of laughter.. suddenly, the burden from at work disappears!

I mean, we can all of course relate to this quote, right?

These days that my brain's been twisted and turned upside down due to my horrifying swedish subject (on the other hand, I am actually enjoying learning it. However, there are really times when I find it difficult... you know what I mean..). So, it is always comforting to go home after the class, open the telly and watch something funny to entertain me.

Just recently, I saw two boys in a film (they did not really play a huge role though) who looked familiar. My boyfriend told me that it was the Backdorm Boys. As I was curious, he opened up a couple of links in youtube for me. Gosh.. they really made me cry due to laughter.

Here's my favourite clip from them:

Well, they started from singing in front of their webcam, recorded each performance and boom! There they are - performing today in many shows both on stage and on tv. I do believe they deserve it. I mean, why not? They were creative enough to turn their boredom into fame. They are called Backdorm Boys as they began recording their first few shoots inside their room in the dormitory and obviously, the name was inspired by the famous group: BackStreet Boys.

If China is proud of their duo, in the Philippines, Moymoy Palaboy is also creating their own fame! Just like Backdorm Boys, Moymoy Palaboy started recording their music videos at the comfort of their home, got noticed and made it to the Philippine celebrity world.

Here's one of my favourite videos from them:

Have fun guys!

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