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Get The SLR Camera You Are Dreaming Of At 42nd Street Photo

My boyfriend has used to wonder why I love to take photos of almost everything. He has even given me the title "photoholic". I am not affected at all because it is true that I am a photo lover. Why not? I mean, life is too short and we have to make sure that we are able to capture every wonderful moment there is in life. For me, photography is the science of preserving memories of the past.

Well, the only device I have been using in taking my precious pictures the built-in camera in my mobile phone. The photos are not really that pretty as the quality is not at its best.

Before my 30th birthday, my boyfriend has started looking for great a SLR camera store where he can possibly purchase a powerful camera to satisfy my hobby in photography. Not only that. Since he supports me in every way, he wants me to improve skills in photography and broaden my knowledge about the said field.

So on my 30th birthday, my boyfriend handed me a new Canon EOS 400D Digital Camera from 42nd Street Photo. It came complete with all the necessary accessories to help me maximize my talent in photography to the fullest.

I love my new camera so much! Remember, life is too short so make every moment last forever using a great camera!

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