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Wyeth Sold for $68 Billion?

Just after arriving from school, I opened my laptop to surf the internet of what's new for today. I was actually shocked after reading on Google News that Pfizer, considered as the world's leading drug manufacturer, will soon acquire Wyeth for the sum of $68 billion.

As a pharmacist, I went down to thinking how this could possibly take place. Working in the business for more or less 4 years, I knew that Wyeth is one of the most stable companies there is in the world. Perhaps not the largest but at least, stable. Well again, maybe I was wrong.

Anyway, according to Pfizer, this will actually be good because they will be able to concentrate more in finding treatments for diseases such as Alzheimer's, inflammation, psychosis, cancer and others.

Lipitor is another great challenge for Pfizer as they have to find a replacement to the said drug as its patent will expire in 2011. Lipitor for years have been the most popular cholesterol-cutting drug in the world and actually, the top-selling drug of all time. Well, I hope (and I believe) that Pfizer can find a solution as many are relying on this product (my mom was one of them and the drug really helped her a lot).

So, good luck to both companies!

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