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Minimize Pain! Think About The Food You Love!

I do not usually suffer from menstrual cramps. But today, it is just too painful that I have been tied on this soffa for many hours already. Everytime I try to get up take a short walk to the kitchen, I feel so much pain. I have already had my warm bath and have taken ibuprofen. Although the pain has slightly sloped down, the agony is still there.

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin says that whenever one is under achy discomfort, it actually helps when you think about the food you love and want to eat. According to them, fantasizing and daydreaming about the food you are craving for will increase your pain threshold. This means that you can put more concentration on your fantasies allowing you to bear more pain.

As of now, I am thinking about a slice of chocolate cake beside a scoop or two on my favourite chocolate chip ice cream. Honestly, it helps!

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