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Ibuprofen Liquid Filled Capsules

When my boyfriend came home from London, along with the many stuffs he bought for me, he also bring home a box of Ibuprofen liquid filled capsules. I actually did not care about the box of pills as I thought that they are just the common once I knew of.

When I started complaining about my stomach pain last night, he then went to the medicine cabinet and took out two sets of pills. He asked me whether I would want to have the ordinary Ibuprofen capsule or the liquid filled one. Hmm.. Then I started to wonder.

Of course, I took the second option. As the capsule is filled up with liquid Ibuprofen, I supposed that it would melt and be absorbed quicker in my system than the regular one. Suppose I had been right, then the effect will obviously show in now time, too.

Yes. I was right. Just a few minutes later and the pain was gone.

I am not sure if the liquid filled Ibuprofen capsules are already available in most countries. But they are, I suggest you choose them over the regular tablets or capsules. It is really a great relief especially for us women who suffer so much with menstrual cramps. It is also very effective in relieving muscle pain, headache, toothache and the like.

The cost? It is a bit more expensive but I sure tell you that the slight difference is sure worth it!

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