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Leggings And Tights For Winter!

I used to wonder why women love to wear a pair of leggings or tights instead of a pair of pants during the winter season. During my first winter here in Sweden, I only use jeans to warm my legs and thighs. However, after talking to a friend, she told me that there are tights and leggings which are designed to keep the the lower part of the body warm (especially those which are made from wool). So, I bought a pair of black leggings the following day and tried it out. Yup. it's true. They did keep me warmer than jeans did. So, I bought some more pairs in different colors.

Well, there are some who are not comfortable wearing just the leggings or tights. So, they wear them under their jeans or cover them with long skirts.

But some just don't like to wear too much on. So a pair of leggings or tights are enough... just like me!

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