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Neurocysticercosis - Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

What are the symptoms?
  • confusion
  • headaches
  • hydrocephalus or the swelling of the brain
  • lack of attention to surroundings
  • seizures
  • sudden death
  • trouble with balance
How can neurocysticercosis treated?
  • Albendazole - is well absorbed by the body and is considered to be very useful for treating cysticercosis of nervous system

  • Praziquantel - used to treat tapeworm infestations but is less effective than albendazole in treating neurocysticercosis

  • Steroid anti-inflammatories - administered to reduce the swelling of the brain

  • Surgery - you might be interested to watch the video below where you'll see how the worm's (or worms') is removed through operation:

  • be sure to only eat well-cooked pork meat
  • when going to certain places, be extra careful when drinking tap water
  • be sure to treat T. solium infection as early as it is detected

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