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Natural and Conservative Varicose Vein Treatments

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Natural and Conservative Varicose Vein Treatments
  • Have your legs raised on a higher position to temporary relieve pain.

  • Leg exercise is good especially when you to the leg bicycle while lying down. This is done by lying on your back comfortably. Raise both of your legs and on air and make them feel like they are pedalling a bicycle. This will help you allow the veins to allow blood to flow a lot better.

  • Weather you are sitting or standing at work, it is best for you to wear compression stockings to correct the swelling issue of your bulging veins. You can also use working stocking or socks which are also good in minimizing the tiredness of your legs and veins.

  • Avoid washing your feet at once just after arriving at home. Allow your feet and legs to rest for a few minutes (best for 30 minutes).

  • If possible, avoid wearing high-heeled shoes or very tight ones as they the veins are more pressured and stressed with these types of shoes.

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