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Things To Remember When You Want To Donate Blood

I have always been interested in donating blood as I know that by doing so, I might help someone in extending his life if lucky. However, donating blood is not that easy. There are people who go to blood clinics and present themselves as blood donors. Sadly, some of them (actually most of them) go home without even completing their mission.

So, in order to know if you are qualified to donate blood, here are the qualifications:
  • you should be in good health and that you are feeling well during the day you are donating your blood

  • only individuals 17 years old and above are allowed to donate blood

  • your at least weigh 45 kg or 110 pounds

  • you have a regular or normal pulse rate (80 to 100 beats per minute)

  • your body temperature should not be above 37.5 degrees celcius

  • your blood pressure is at least between ranges of 160/90 to 110/60

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