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Skin Whitening Trio

Most say that human beings will never be contented on who they are... especially, on how they look. There are those who have their nose lifted, breasts augmented, teeth reconstructed, butts reformed and of course, skin colour changed.

I used to dream about having a fairer and whiter complexion. There were times when I would buy different whitening creams on the market just to try if they would really make my skin lighter. After trying some brands, I gave up and decided to just love my skin the way it is.

Curious about what new whitening products are being sold today, I surfed through some google pages to satisfy my questioning. The first page I got into was really new to me called Pallid Skin Lightening System. Pallid Skin Lightening System actually a kit which contains Pallid tablets, a jar of Pallid cream and a bottle of Pallid liquid which the manufacturer, Avre Skin Care calls the "Ultimate Skin Whitening Formula" which adds up to the curioussnes I already have in mind.

To sum up, the product is made from all natural formula making it safe for everyone to use. The three products which are contained in each set delivers a triple working action whitening approach to the skin as:
  • Pallid cream - works on whitening the skin's surface
  • Pallid liquid - penetrates the deeper layers of the skin
  • Pallid tablets - as they are taken orally, the tablets will work from within and through the blood stream
You can of course buy each product separately. As of the today, 30 January 2009, both Pallid Tablets and Pallid Liquid are out of stock. The only preparation which is available for shipping is the Lightening Cream which costs from US$49-95 (I am not sure though why it's priced like that. Could be that it depends on your location as it will depend on the shipping cost, too). Each jar contains 50mL of the product which is estimated to last one month of consumption.

Knowing that the product sells like hotcakes, could be that it's really effective. So if you are wishing to have that lighter complexion you've always been dreaming of, Pallid might be the answer to your complexion needs.

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