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Slippery Days

If you have read about my Snow-Flooded Monday post, you will surely get the idea of what I am talking about right now.

Anyway, just yesterday after meeting my friends in class, we shared our dreadful, life-threatening monday experience. We talked about how dangerous it was for us to walk on snow. The worst part of our monday was when walking on our way home. Although paths were already cleared for pedestrians like us, it was still unsafe to walk as the road was so slippery due to ice. The pathway was still sandless making it too hard to make a single step as one might slip and fall. So, many of my classmates did fall on that Monday afternoon. They shared how painful and embarrassing each fall was.

Well, most of my classmates are now suffering from black (or blue... whatever) marks on their legs and thighs... evidence from our horrible monday.

(on the photo: already sanded walkway just fronting our school)

Glad to say that yesterday morning (tuesday), the walkways were cleared and sanded. A lot safer now to walk on to than monday.

I am now thinking of buying a pair of anti-slippery shoe grips (refer to the photo on the right) for safety. They look really ugly and I feel uncomfortable while walking with them. attached to the shoes. However, those ugly things might just save me from embarrassment and pain.

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