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Be Thankful That You Can Do The Burp Trick

I admit. I am constantly envious of people who can burp. Yes. You heard it right. Although some people consider burping embarrassing, for me, I consider it healthy.

Burp is also termed as belch. It is a process of letting off that extra gas out of our body through our mouth. Thing is, whenever we eat or drink something, we do not only take in food and liquid, we also swallow air. Most of the time, these extra gas should be taken out from the stomach through our esophagus and finally, through the throat - most commonly with the embarrassing burping sound.

Actually, the reason why I get envious of those who can do this burp trick is that, I find it so difficult to breath after eating. It does not matter if I have eaten so much or not, I just feel being choked. I always try to burp but I really can't. So, if possible, I try to lie down after eating just to breathe healthier.

So, if you can burp, do not be ashamed. Instead, be thankful.

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