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Some few years back while I was still managing a pharmacy in Davao City, I heard lots of small drugstores which received warnings as they were selling BioSlim.

BioSlim is a weight loss product, manufactured in China. It usually comes in forms of tablets and teas.

Anyway, the Bureau of Food and Drug, Philippines (BFAD) banned this brand in pharmacies as it resulted to negative side effects for those individuals who used them.

So, we did not sell the product since we were scared to get warnings and receive suspensions. However, it was almost everyday when there were more than 5 customers looking to buy one from us. I did not really find any good reason why most people are interested to purchase one despite the fact that the government had released a memorandum banning the said item. I guess lots were willing to take risks just to get hold of cheap weight loss preparations. At some point, I could not blame them as the price of commodities were really high that time. Yet, I wasn't brave enough to risk my license for it.

The everyday experiences with BioSlim customer cravings happened way back in 2003-2004. Out of curiosity, I checked over the net to see how it's doing in the market as of today.

Surprised as I am, there are still some who are interested to use the product up to now. Well, that's human nature, right? At some point in our lives we try and go for what we want even if it's not recommended at all.

Anyway, good luck to all who are still using it. If you are willing to take health risks, I hope that you are prepared for the results you might get in days to come.

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