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Ashley Furniture - Your Eco-Friendly Furniture Shop

When purchasing furniture, we have to consider each item's quality, style, selection and price. Aside from these four aspects, we also look into the type of service the manufacturing company has in store for their customers.

Ashley Furniture Industries has been popular in the business since 1945 and is considered to be one of the largest manufacturing companies all throughout the USA as of the present. The company has everything you need to complete your home - bedroom items, dining room needs, living room furniture and even home office necessities! All of their products are made from very high quality materials therefore ensuring customers' overall satisfaction.

Beside all these, Ashley Furniture does their part in saving and caring for the environment. The company distributes thousands of trees each year to make sure that they return something good to nature. They also recycle certain wood by products, metals and papers to protect the environment. Last but not the least, instead of using toxic, flammable and air-polluting solvents to make the product look good, Ashley Furniture has started using water-based, earth friendly solvents.

In short, by purchasing Ashley Furniture products you are not just getting quality manufactured items - you also get the chance to contribute and protect the environment!

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