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Welcome - Where Parents Meet, Connect And Share Ideas

Living here in Sweden for more than a year now has made me realize the big difference between parenting here and the Philippines. I am not going to choose which parenting approach is more effective than the other since everything depends on several factors such as culture, customs, beliefs and the government's stand on parenting and discipline. All I can say is that each country has a unique and effective way of reaching to their kids lives and needs - and that's something we should all respect.

I have so many friends who are now parents. In fact, just days ago, a close friend during my university days has given birth to a cute baby boy in the USA. They all say the same thing about the fact that raising kids is a mixture of pure joy and sacrifice. Pure joy according to my friends goes all throughout the history of parenthood while sacrifice on the other hand actually begins when their kids start asking too much question, when they become very curious about everything to the point that they want to try everything they see. At this point, most parents suffer from stress and anxiety as they try to reach out as much as they can to their kids.
If you feel like you are encountering difficulties in parenting, remember that you are not alone. There are millions of parents out there who are undergoing the same level of stress you are experiencing. Connect with other parents, exchange ideas, ask experts and perhaps become better parents and feel satisfied about it.

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