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Those Unhealthy Fleas!

Although having a dog (or a cat) livens up life, it can also be distressful sometimes - they can bring happiness and diseases as well.

Back when I was still living in the Philippines, my brother brought home a small puppy for me who I named Lalurp. He adopted Lalurp from a common friend. As days passed by, the puppy grew a lot closer to me. She even slept inside my room night after night.

One time, she jumped over the fence and played with some other dogs from the neighborhood. When she came home, she began scratching. Another day passed by when my mother noticed that my pretty dog had fleas. We weren't really happy about it (I mean, who would be?). The fleas weren't just my dog's problem, they were biting our skins, too. We had problems sleeping during the night and got emotionally disturbed.

We took the dog to the family veterinarian to see if we could do something about the problem. The dog was given a bath using water which was mixed with an anti-flea medicine. We went home with a cleaner dog and a bottle of anti-flea powder. We also needed to disinfect the entire house to totally get rid of the flesh eating pests. We succeeded and never allowed the dog to roam around the neighborhood again unattended.

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