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Get Around Europe Without Paying So Much With Ebbsfleet International Station

My boyfriend who has been to London for many times considers the UK as his second home. He has actually worked there for years until the day he has decided to come back to Sweden to be near his parents and siblings. During his years of stay in London, he has met his what he calls "his best friend for life", Lawrence. The funny thing is that, Lawrence is presently residing here in Sweden as well but in another town.

These two guys go on a vacation in the UK together at least once a year. They have actually asked me to go with them once in 2007 and another time in 2008. However, I have decided not to as I am scared to fly. I have promised to join them sometime this year or next year right after receiving my permanent visa which I'm supposed to receive sometime in June or July of this year.

Well, we have planned a little already about the upcoming vacation. Since it's going to be my first time, we will be staying in Lawrence's house for a matter of days, go shopping and visit pretty places. We will also be visiting Asian restaurants and supermarkets which make it more exciting for me!

My boyfriend is also planning on taking me to Brussels. We might probably stay there for two to three days to just see the beauty of Belgium. I am really happy to know that we do not need to fly to Belgium from London (as I've said, I am scared to fly). We will be taking the train instead. What a relief!

Ebbsfleet International Station is a public train system which connects European cities and other famous destinations. We have checked their online booking service to check how much it might cost us to travel by train. Tickets are way cheaper than taking the plane. Plus, passengers who are 26 years old below or 60 above can even avail of travel discounts.

The Ebbsfleet station is just a 30 minute drive Lawrence's place which makes it so convenient for us. My boyfriend, Lawrence and I are already looking forward to our week and a half travel in Europe together. Because we will be driving Lawrence's car to the station, we have to leave his car at Ebbsfleet for about three days which isn't a hindrance of course since car parking at Ebbsfleet International is not a problem at all. There are over 5000 parking spaces where we just need to pay the daily rate of only £11.50.

This will surely be a great adventure!

If you and your loved ones are planning to have a cheaper European tour with less hassle along the way, visit Ebbsfleet Internation UK to check for more details.

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