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Raw Food Diet For A Healthier, Younger Looking You

When I was younger, my mother trained me to eat fresh fruits and uncooked vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce. She reminded me from time to time the importance of eating raw food. Unfortunately, as I grew up, my taste for raw food slowly diminished up to a point when I even hated eating vegetables, cooked or not.

I will never forget one night when I went out with my friends from gradeschool. They ordered a bowl of freshly cut vegetables as an appetizer. Since I don't want to be labeled "different", I picked up a few strips of carrots and cucumber. After some time, my taste buds got used to it and finally liked it.

Now that I've reached the age of 30, I am more careful when it comes to what I eat. I slowly incorporate Raw Food Diet into my life to keep myself healthy and fit. Aside from that, eating fresh fruits and vegetables are also a part of our natural skin care system.

It is already a proven fact that most of our skin problems such as acne, blemishes and early signs of aging (wrinkles and fine lines) can be the results of the food we take in. This is why even skin doctors say that in order for us to improve the clarity and youth of our skin, we have to improve our dietary habits.

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