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PageRank Catastrophe

Aaaahhh! The scary day has arrived. PageRank's back to zero according to some PageRank check websites. As I've said before, it's just a matter of time.

I have checked the problem and it said that Google hasn't been able to cache my blog. Hmm... that's somehow confusing. Just three days ago, I have spent time checking my statistics on Google and everything has been fine. Just this morning, all went wrong. My Feedburner went crazy, too. I have to resynch it again and the total subscribers have gone down from 334 to 0 (sorry to all my subscribers - wasn't aware of this and I really have no idea on what's going on).

Most of my friends told me that they do have the same problem when Google started running Feedburner under their wings. Their PageRanks started to get weird, too and that their blogs' subscribers vanished as well.

I also checked my blogroll and well... I found at least 40 bloggers (and counting - not finished checking yet) deleted my link on their blogrolls. Terrifying, but what can I say? That's just the name of the game I guess.

Anyway, I am not bitter or anything. Just confused and honestly disappointed with such people who I used to refer to as "friends". will keep on running of course under my command. At least I still have a few great real friends left out there. To all of you guys... thanks!

*Note: (about an hour after publishing this post) I just deleted my site on google. I resubmitted my site URL, reverified it and resubmitted my blog's sitemap (though the sitemap's status is still pending) --- seems to be a lot better now. Even if my PageRank's still on the mud, the number of this blog's subscribers are at least back to normal.

**Update: (barely after a couple of hours) Sitemap Status: OK

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