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The Stress Institute - Guide To A Well-Balanced Life

Most of the time, we find ourselves trapped in the long list of our everyday "what-to-do's" that even if there are 24 hours each day, it is never enough to have everything done. We wake up early in the morning, prepare for work, work for at least eight hours a day, go home to our families and try to spend as much time with them. There are even some who do not meet the eight-hour sleep per day health rule. Worst is, at some point, we have to bring home from our work to be able to meet deadlines. Life is filled up of stress and stress can actually tear our health apart.

Having a well-balanced life and work is necessary and should be a part of our lifestyle. However, with too much demand in our jobs and at home, we mostly take the balance forgranted. Working in a company is never easy. You have to leave up to your boss' expectations. We try to always give it our best even at times giving all that we have - time, freedom and health. Employee work life balance is also necessary for us to function properly. If we keep on pushing ourselves to the limit, soon our energies will be drained, dried and emptied.

The Stress Institute, founded in 1997 by the very well-known Dr. Kathleen Hall has a list of simple and effective tips on how to find balance between work and life. Remember that we are working NOT because we want to kill ourselves for the sake of money. We work because we want to support ourselves and of course the best part, enjoy our earnings. Get the most simple solutions from The Stress Institute which will surely enlighten you on how to achieve a harmonious, happy and stress-free life.

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