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Connect With Your Friends And Family Through GetMeCallingCards!

I was one day surprised when my bestfriend since college called me two months ago. She's living in Illinois, USA while I am now staying here in Sweden. We talked for so many minutes and two weeks later, she again paid me a call. Wondering how she could afford it, I asked her about her phone bills. My bestfriend told me about this site online wherein you can order international calling cards. According to my bestfriend, she was able to purchase great calling cards with very affordable prices in just a click of a button.

Since my family and most of my friends are in the Philippines, I have decided to check the site and take a look around to see what they might offer me.

I actually fell inlove with site. I just registered and then ordered the specific calling card I needed and after a moment, I got my PIN number direct through my email address. I of course called my mom and brothers at once to see if it would work and ... it did!

For immigrants living in Sweden who want to get intouch with their families back in the Philippines (just like me), the Sweden to Philippines calling cards come in six options (as of the moment). You can check it out here for you to compare call rates and calling card prices.

If you are someone living in the United States (just like my bestfriend) with families living in the Philippines, you can check the the available cards here. You will be astonished with the different calling cards for you to choose from... there are over 100 of them!

So, wherever you are, you can now connect with your friends and families from around the globe by using low rate phone cards from GetMeCallingCards. You can now stay away from expensive long distance phone bills! Now, isn't that great?

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