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Make Your Wishes Come True By Experiencing CEIVAshare Online!

Do you have many photos saved in your computer, in your mobile phones or digital cameras waiting to be shared to friends and relatives? I sure you do have some... or perhaps, many of them! Would you be glad if I tell you that those photos might just win you the gift which your heart desires? Sounds impossible? Not really!

At Got a Wish Sweepstakes, Santa is ready to give away 29 prizes each day to lucky winners. Prizes are worth US$500 dollars each which will be awarded through check to winners of each random draw. So, what are the requirements to be able to join? It's actually simple and very easy! If you are 18 years old and above and interested to win something great this season, go immediately to Got a Wish Sweepstakes wherein you will be introduced to a fantastic digital photo frame called CEIVAshare, the simplest way to connect to people you love by sharing your favorite and crazy digital photos with them as it receives photo transfer through phone or Wi-Fi media. Amazing? Wait until you get to CEIVA's page where you will surely appreciate it more. On the page, follow carefully the instructions on this page to get a chance to win!

I tried it myself and it was truly fun. I went to the Website, filled up a short form and upload a digital photo of myself with my loving cats, which by far is my favorite photo of all time. It only took me a few second until I was able to finish this first step. Try it. It surely is simple. After going through the first form, you will then be directed to the page's Sweepstakes entry page where you will be asked to fill up some more important information and you are done! A reminder, this promo is only limited to residents of the United States or the District of Columbia. This therefore excludes individuals living in Guam, Puerto Rico and other United States territories from joining.

Here are rules to follow:
  • You must be 18 years old and above.
  • You have to be a resident of the United States (excluding those who are living in Guam, Puerto Rico and other territories).
  • Be sure to submit your own photo not larger than 5MB in file size. Only original photos will be accepted... NO copyrighted photos please!
  • Promo begins November 26 until December 24, 2008. So, send in your entries as soon as possible! Who knows? You might just be a winner of the "Got A Wish" Sweepstakes!
Try it now and experience a whole new world of digital photo sharing with CEIVAshare Digital Photo Frame!



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