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My Fear Of Public Speaking

Loving my career as a pharmacist in the Philippines, I am ambitious enough to also one day become a licensed pharmacist here in Sweden. I am at the moment strictly following every Swedish regulation in order to attain my dream. I am more than willing to go through every necessary subject just be successful in achieving my goal.

Due to the obvious fact that pharmacists communicate with patients and customers everyday of our lives, I needed to learn the Swedish language by heart. Luckily, I was able to go through the first three phases of the Swedish language course. Just one more stage left until I can be eligible to receive my language diploma... hopefully by June this year!

Since it's very boring to go to school everyday just to attend to one subject, I decided to get a few extra subjects to spice things up. I have no problem when it comes to the writing and reading parts of each lesson. My greatest fear is on public speaking. I do not know why. But whenever I am suppose to open my mouth and share my thoughts about a particular discussion, I tremble. I can even feel my mouth shaking! There are even days when I'd rather shut my mouth and keep my insights to myself than to talk.

I really need to find a solution on my public speaking fear in order to get higher grades. For this reason, I signed up for Martin Ng's Error Analysis Report to receive some important public speaking 101 facts which can possibly enlighten me and help me in getting rid of my weakness. If you are interested, go sign up for yourself. It's absolutely free!

I will also try to get hold of Martin Ng's Surviving Speaking Disasters book to gather more tips on how to become a more confident speaker in the future. There are already many who have benefitted from the book... I might be the next one on line!


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