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Increasing My Blog's Exposure

Just like any blogger, I also want my blog to get noticed and increase its traffic by having more and more visitors each day. But without the aid of a trustworthy directory submission site, I can never reach my goal.

I began blogging on August 2008 and I honestly did not know enough techniques to reach into people from around the world and finally, encourage them to come and spend a few minutes on my site.

With millions (or perhaps billions) of sites which are actively found on the world wide web, it is one smart way to have my blog enlisted in online directories to begin with. Many have told me that one should pay a lot before even getting the chance of being accepted on a specific directly site. But they are wrong. It took me weeks before I finally found a great directory submission page wherein I do not need to pay anything at all. I mean, how cool is that? I get help in promoting my personal health blog with no extra cost! Not only that, one can even submit their blogs by pagerank (PR).

With the help of the directory website, I am able to increase my PR from zero to a strong PR of 3 in just a matter of six months - something that is impossible for me to do on my own. I even know that there are some who are able to even reach PR 4 just by submitting their websites on directories.

If your website's not satisfied with the number of visitors you have each day, try this trick. It will surely help you lift up your site's exposure.


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