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Online Business - Back On Track

A friend of mine who owns an online store told me that she's at the moment having huge problems with her sales since January of this year. If you have heard about some websites with Google page ranks that went down one or several ranks lower in the latest page rank update, unfortunately my friend has been one of them.

I have checked some reasons why some page ranks go down at some point. However, no one can really give me a direct answer. Everyone can only say what they think might be some reasons behind why page ranks decrease. In one website, a specific person said that page rank does not really directly affect a website's popularity. Meaning, the number of visitors your website receives each day has nothing to do with how high or how low a page rank has. This might be true to others. But my friend felt the decrease in page rank visitors since her page rank went two notches down therefore, decreasing her sales, too.

Since the day my friend realized the negative effects her online business was going through, she started looking for some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies which could possibly help her increase her website traffic. With thousands of SEO sites with great promises, my friends said that it was too difficult to choose. She was lucky enough to have a computer and website geek friend online who helped her look for the one she needed.

A week has passed before they have finally found (or which can aid her in her SEO problems. With reasonable prices and a great 24-hour, 7-day-a-week customer service platform, my friend will no longer have to worry about such problems as she can contact an SEO expert via live chat anytime she needs to the whole year round. And with no contracts, she gets the freedom to choose to pay in a monthly basis.

My friend's online business is now getting back on track... slowly but surely.


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