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For The Love Of Art

I wasn't really interested in arts. It was sometime in 1993 when all second year high school students were forced to take painting classes. Most of us hated the idea at first. But as time went on, we fell in love with it as we slowly discover our different talent in expressing ourselves through this form of art.

I continued my passion up to now. I usually do abstracts and paint flowers. It is my boyfriend who buys me canvasses that I need as well as my craypass and oil painting sets. I really hope that one day, I can see some works of Michelangelo, da Vinci, Picasso and Tomasz Rut Art in real life. That would be a wish come true for a dreamer like me.
If you admire paintings and the artists behind them, I suggest you check Paragon Fine Art. There you will find different painters and their work and other important facts regarding arts. If you are looking for inspiration, it's the perfect place for you to find one.


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