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Big Beds For Huge Dogs Just Like My Maxi!

I used to have a chow chow and I loved him so much. He's so huge that at the age of 3 months, he already looked like a bear (or perhaps a lion). Here's a picture taken by my mom with my lovely chow chow, (he was 3 months old here):Well, I met him on a petshop situated inside a mall. When I first laid eyes on him, it was love at first sight. He cost so much but I did not seem to mind the tag which came along just to get hold of him. Yup, I got him and paid with my own money. How much? Around Php25,000. He's expensive but I never regret a thing.

By the way, his name's Maxi and because I loved (and still love him up to now) so much, I decided to use Maxi as my penname in the blogosphere. It's my way of keeping him alive inside me after all these years.

Every night, he slept by my side. Because of this, I had to buy him one of those large dog beds to make him feel comfortable all through the night. I bought him a huge bed which was more or less the same as Bowsers dog beds. He got his pretty bed which almost looked like this (he got a green one):
Well, my Maxi was treated like a king and I miss him so much. One day when I am finally finished with my studies, my boyfriend promised to get me another chow chow... just like Maxi.

To those who own huge dogs and to those who are planning to have one, be sure to provide large dog beds for them where they can relax and have a good night sleep. If you love to travel with your lovely dog, it will also be nice to purchase at least one of these Harry Barker dog beds which can be folded (like the ones shown below) to easily fit inside cars and crates. If you are interested to purchase designer dog beds for your adorable pets, go check Paw Digs. They have a wide array of items your dogs need. Remember to love your dogs... pamper them... they deserve it!


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