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Clear Out Stress - Unwind!

I am obviously stressed due to so much school work. There are days when at the end of each class, I feel that my brain's totally drained. If my brain can only shout, it might have damaged my classmates ears already. I mean, you know what I am talking about here, right? You wake up in the morning, go to school (or work), put your brain to work (wherein sometimes, we push it to its limit) and then go home. Most of the time, even when we're already home, our brain's still thinking about what we've learned in each class or what have happened at work. It's a never ending process of thinking. Scientists have even showed scientific facts stating that the brain even works even when we're already sound asleep.

Gosh... no wonder most people are stressed! This is why my boyfriend and I try to relax for sometime by watching films and some of our favourtie tv shows. Through this simple phase of our lives, we get to sit back, relax and enjoy life for real. I am usually surprised on how updated my boyfriend is about the latest celebrity news. Well, unlike me, it is his hobby to read almost everything about each passing day. That's why he's sometimes called "Mr. Knowledge" as he knows a lot about many things. It pays off to have a boyfriend who is a very good reader. Why? Simply because whenever I am struggling with school stuffs, all I need to do is ask my boyfriend for help... problem solved!

Aside from films and tv shows, we also love music - both old and new. That is why getting our hands on the Digital Music News everyday helps us in getting updated about the music industry. I mean, why not? If we say that music is the heart of our soul, the people behind it should get credits too, right? It does make a lot of sense to also know the artists behind the lyrics... they deserve it.

Another thing that makes my stressful day a bit calmer is by spending some Clearwire time especially by playing different computer games. The games just take me out from this busy world for awhile and help me forget about my troubles. Totally relaxing!


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