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12 Magnets To Ease Back Pain

I do not always suffer from back pain. But whenever I need to put a number of books inside my backpack, I feel so much pain on my back during night time. There are even times when I find it difficult to sleep as it hurts so much. I know that you understand what I mean as there are many out there who have the same physical distress as I have.

Three months ago, a "shop online" brochure arrived on our doorstep. Well, like what I used to do in the Philippines, flipping from one page to another to check certain interesting products which might be useful to me and my loved ones was the first thing I did. There were so many items which caught my eye but only one certain product was actually found useful for me. Here it is:Yup. It is what it is - the answer to my back aches. If you are one of my blog's readers, you have probably read about how magnetic earrings help in keeping my ears warm during the cold winter season. If you haven't read it and you are curios about what I am talking about, please proceed here.

The good thing about this back support is it does not only have a single magnet as it has 12 built-in magnets in it. The price? Well, it does not cost so much here in Sweden. It's just around 200 Swedish crowns. Feel free to use the currency converter below:

According to studies about magnet therapy, magnets with 300 t0 3000 Gauss is very good for the health. It promotes better blood circulation. It is even advised that placing magnets on the painful part of the body will help ease out pain in just a few minutes for as long as one is using magnets with the right Gauss range.

If you do not know the strength of the magnet you have, you can easily know if it is strong enough to penetrate the skin just by feeling the change of the blood flow upon placing the magnet on the skin.

Well, it has been three months and I still haven't ordered this product online yet - perhaps before going back to the Philippines for a short vacation. I will be buying one for myself, one for my boyfriend, one each for my mom and dad and one each for my two brothers. I am sure that they'll to love it!

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