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Tooth Horror

I had been to the dentist this morning and I started feeling weird a few hours after my appointment. I had this huge tooth problem which might take 3 weeks before everything's fixed.

Well, what happened was my fake front tooth (I was wearing a jacket for like 4 or 5 years now) started losing its grip yesterday. To make matters worse, at around 2 in the afternoon, it totally fell off! The only good thing was I was at home. It could have been my deadliest embarrassing moment if it happened in school! Yup... you can laugh at me if you find the situation tickling you but it wasn't really fun for me as I totally drowned in tears after what happened.

I called my boyfriend a few minutes later... after I finally accepted the fact that it wasn't a dream, that I really lost one of my teeth and told him everything that took place. He could not even understand well what I was talking about at first since it was difficult to pronounce the words right with a missing front tooth plus the fact that I was crying at the same time made it harder for me to tell things clearly. He was panicking upon noticing my squeeky voice as he knew by then that tears were falling like a river and that something's so so wrong. At some point, he listened well to every word I said and finally grasped the whole situation I was in. He did everything to make me feel better and promised to set up an appointment with my dentist in behalf of me. As promised, he persuaded the dentist to insert me in his busy schedule and so, I got an appointment the following day (which was this morning).

Okey, so my dentist took some x-rays and advised that it would be bet for my situation to undergo a root canal procedure. Ouch! I knew loads of people who went through the same procedure and most of them said that one could actually feel so much pain after the anesthesia subsided. I got scared but since I needed to go through with it, I therefore submitted myself to the whole idea of what should be and must be done to bring me back to smiling again.

I had my first root canal stage today. I never felt pain during the operation as I was under the protection of the mighty anesthesia. The dentist drilled here and there, there had been bleeding and cracking of the tooth root, etc... but I never felt pain. It was like I never cared what my dentint's doing for as long as I could have a tooth again!

It took us roughly 30 minutes to go through the whole thing. I thanked my doctor who billed me with a very friendly price as I was lucky enough that my insurance took care half of my medical and dental bills (that's one thing why I really love Sweden). I directly went home and sat in front of the computer for a few minutes until I felt so much dizziness and untolerable headache. Yes, the anesthesia was gone and I was in deep trouble. So since then, I had been stuck on this bed using the laptop instead of my favourite desk top after I had woken up from my long nap.

Was I really stuck like did not do anything at all? Ahuh... my boyfriend was kind enough to fix me dinner and got me everything I wanted. Now that's lovely to be treated like a princess --- a toothless princess!

Sad to say that I am still missing a tooth. I will have to meet my dentist again Friday next week to have the final root canal procedure and that I need to wait another week after that Friday to finally have a new tooth fixed. I am just thankful that we will not be having classes the whole week next week but the week after that will surely be a disaster as I never want to miss a class. Well I guess I will be staying silent until I get my tooth replaced.

I have to stop now as my world seems to be spinning in front of me. I just hope that I haven't mixed up words while writing this one!

Have a good night everyone!

Ooops, before I forget, aside from my boyfriend, I also want to mention Magnhild who accompanied me to the dentist today as my boyfriend unfornately was fastened to a seminar at work. Thanks Magnhild for being so nice to me!!! (That's Magnhild and me on the photo to your right. Such a cool grandma!)


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