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Got New Salsa Recipes!

It is past 12 midnight already and I am still up and awake. My boyfriend and me have been to one of his family's place to spend dinner with them. I have not been really feeling so well today but since I do not want to let this day pass me by without having a bit of fun, I have gone to their place together with my boyfriend 10 minutes earlier than expected. Since we have been there first, I have helped out in the kitchen for awhile.

After eating delicious grilled chicken with rice, we all gathered on the living room and watched our favourite Saturday quiz show, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?". While having fun trying to outwit each other by trying to give burst out the answers to every question, we were munching carrot and cucumber sticks. I never liked eating such stuffs raw before but I got used to the taste of it tonight. I guess the vegetable dip made the carrots and cucumbers taste a lot better. Because I loved the dip so much, my boyfriend's grandmother gave me a list of her valued homemade salsa recipes which according to her were taken from a recipe page over the internet. After going through them, I realized that I just received 19 different salsa recipes that would be perfect in every occasion and in every dish I could think of.

I am excited to cook for my boyfriend tomorrow using at least once of the recipes I have gotten tonight!


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