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Lap Band - The Healthy And Safe Way To Lose Weight

Lap Band is a shorter term referred to laparoscopic adjustable gastric band which is associated with weight loss. It is a type of surgery that is specifically designed for obese patients. Compared to other bariatic surgeries such as sleeve gastrectomy, transoral gastroplasty, gastric bypass and many more, Lap Band does not involve cutting off or removing any part of the digestive system. The idea which comprises Lap Band procedure is that a gastric silicone band that is inflatable is fixed around the top portion of the stomach through the method known as laparoscopic surgery. (please refer to the video below)

What are the possible benefits one can get from this procedure?
  • no cutting of the stomach needed
  • quicker recovery period
  • due to the fact that no intestines will undergo bypass, there will be no malabsorption problems
  • studies show that Lap Band has lesser life threatening complications compare to other procedures
  • no need to go through painful dieting anymore
Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, another important thing to include is that Lap Band can be easily removed in cases when the patient decides to reverse the surgery.

If you are wondering where can undergo Lap Band procedures, you can easily find weight loss centers where expert Lap Band surgeons are very much willing to give you more information about the Lap Band system.

1-800-GET-SLIM has a list of top Lap Band surgeons to choose from. They also have the information you need about how to get started with the whole process. They will also provide you insurance and financing counselling to help you achieve your desired body weight without the need of paying so much yourself.

If you are definitely obese and you are interested to slim down the healthy and safe way, ask the experts and call them at 1-800-438-7546 or 1-800-GET-SLIM now!

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