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Eye Bags

Tips on how to minimize the appearance of eye bags:

  • Splash cold water on your face as cold water helps in fluid circulation. Also try giving your eyes a gentle circular tapping to loosen the fluids present under your eyes. The trapped fluids around your eyes will then be re-circulated to the rest of your body, minimizing the size of your bags.
  • This next technique has been mostly practiced by people suffering from morning eye puffiness. They put a spoon inside the fridge for some minutes. The cold spoon will then be used to cover the eyes to lessen eye bags.
  • You can also use two tea bags by placing them on your closed eyes for about 15 to 20 minutes. Teas are good for the skin as it helps in tightening the pores and reducing eye bags as well.
  • Drinking ibuprofen during your menstrual period as it is proven to help in reducing fluid retention.
  • If you suspect that your puffy eyes are due to allergic reactions to food and your pillow, you can always take antihistamine pills to ease the condition.

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