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Types of freckles:

  • Ephelis (plural: ephelides) is the Greek and medical term for freckle. This type pertains to freckles which are flat and are tan, slightly reddish or light brown in color. Ephelis occur commonly during sunny months and are mostly found on individuals with fair complexions.Ephelis is considered to be a hereditary trait. Most reddish-haired and green-eyed people are more inclined to this type of freckle.
  • Lentigo (plural: lentigines) is the Latin and medical term for “lentil” which is referred to types of freckles which are considerably darker in color and sunburn freckles. Unlike the ephelis type which usually fades during the winter season, lentigo is a kind of freckle which does not diminish after the sunny season. This type is also medically termed as “lentigo simplex”.
  • Liver spots (sometimes related to lentigines) but is also known as age spots. Although called “liver spots”, this kind of freckles is not due to liver illness or liver problems. This type of freckles related to darker skin spots in adults which are frequently produced on the back of the hands. Liver spots are produced over time and are not considered to be a sign of old age. They appear due to continuous sun exposure.

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