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Shopping Eyeglasses Online

It was about 3 months ago when I started noticing that I was having difficulties reading. I did ignore my vision problems for more than 2 months. However, the situation got even worse day after day.

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend advised me to go to the nearest optical shop to have my eyes checked after suffering for a very painful headache after working for hours in front of the computer.

After a rigid eye exam, my optometrist informed me that I do need a pair of spectacles especially when reading books and working on the internet. As I checked around for eyeglasses frames, I noticed that the prices were so high. So, I just paid for my eye check up, asked for my prescription, went home and checked the internet for eyeglasses online.

It did not take so long for me to find a great online opticshop here in Sweden. Optikbutiken offers a wide range of frames for both males and females in very reasonable prices.

The best part is that customers can borrow 3 pairs of frames of their choice which will be delivered by post for free a day or two after the order is made... no obligation required! No need to pay for the delivery, no need to pay when returning the items and no need to force yourself to order during the first try. If you do not like the first three pairs, then choose another three until you finally find one which suites you best. Easy, handy and hassle free!

As instructed, I chose 3 of my favorite pairs of frames, filled out an online form and sent the order form. The following day, I received my frame samples. I tried them that night and fell inlove with one (as shown on the photo above). I quickly sent back the frames along with the prescription I got from my optometrist and the final filled up order form the day after. Just a week later, I got my new pair of eyeglasses. I love it! Perfect, affordable and hassle free!

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