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Dehumidifiers For A Healthier Home

Early in 2008, my boyfriend started noticing little dots at the right hand corner of our basement's ceiling . He did not take it seriously at first for he thought that the dots were just dirt and will vanish after sometime. However, a couple of months later, the dots multiplied and turned into a map-looking figure which alarmed him.

It took us a couple of days before we were able to invite someone to check it out for us. It turned out that it wasn't just dirt but molds.

Our washing machine and dryer are in the basement and that we usually do our laundry twice a week. My boyfriend has asthma and according to his doctor, exposure to molds can cause severe health problems to him. Even a tiny spore on his clothes will make him sick. So, the basement have become a hazard to my boyfriend's wellness.

We immediately consulted an expert to check the house and give us some tips on what to do best to eliminate the problem. After checking the entire place, we were told that the main problem is that our basement had a high humidity level and that's what caused the mold to grow there. He explained that basements with high humidity result to dampness and that damp places are the best place for molds to grow. So, the best solution was to install a basement dehumidifier.

Basement dehumidifiers help in removing excess moisture from the air. By having one in our basement, the level of humidity will be normalized and our basement will again become a safer place for my boyfriend.Searching through the internet for more facts, I've landed on The B-Dry System homepage which answered all my questions. The website also taught me that damp basements destroy appliances as it accelerates the reaction of moist air with metals resulting to rusting of machines. Basements with high levels of humidity also results to unwanted odours and peeling of paints.

Our basement dehumidifier was installed months ago and since then, we no longer have mold problems in our basement.

So, check their website, too. You might just have the answer to one of your home problems at The B-Dry System. They do free estimates and consultation. You will also be enjoying a lifetime warranty! So, turn your home into a healthier place for you and your loved ones. Visit them now!

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