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Dove Firming Body Wash

My boyfriend and I love to try different types of body wash products from time to time. In fact, right now, we have nine different brands in our bathtub. Crazy, huh?

Two months ago, while doing our weekly grocery, he grabbed a bottle of Dove Firming Body Wash. It's actually a favorite of mine. I guess since then, we bought another two bottles of the same product. I first fell in love with the scent and it's silky feel right after taking my shower.

After sometime, I got curious on how this Dove Firming Body Wash can really make the skin firmer. So, just like what you and I usually do, I surfed the internet to feed my curiosity.

Dove Firming Body Wash contains a special ingredient - seaweed! Yes, you've read it right. According to research, seaweeds have the capacity to keep our skin moisturized. We all know that properly hydrated skin later (or sooner) improves skin elasticity. So, that's the reason why most spa therapy clinics and spa salons use seaweeds to make our skin livelier and healthier.

Anyway, I've seen this product in two different bottle and packaging styles, of course, with the same ingredients and manufacturer. Try it. You will surely love it! The price? Believe me, they don't cost that much. It's actually what I consider "a great deal".

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