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My Orbitrek Cross Trainer

Due to the fact that I am suffering from a heart condition called ischemia my doctor reminds me to keep myself healthy by eating right and having regular exercise. The first one is easy to do. However, the second one (the exercise) is a bit difficult to follow since especially during winter time. I obviously dislike (like most people do) taking a long walk or jogging when the streets are covered with snow. So, I can jog during summer but never during the winter season.

To solve the problem, my boyfriend (yes, he's my ever dearest savior!) bought me an Orbitrek Cross Trainer in July 2008 - exactly like the one on telly. I was really surprised when it arrived as he ordered it secretly. I was so eager to use it so I decided to assemble at once. Just by looking at the different parts and the instruction manual, I first thought that it's impossible for me to put them together (well, my boyfriend sucks whem it comes to fixing things - that is by the way, according to him). As I was assembling it, I realized that it wasn't really difficult to fix it at all. It might took me almost an hour to finish but I was able to do it with the help of the very-easy-to-follow-instruction guide manual.

I've been using it everyday of my life. I exercise on my crosstrainer at least 30 minutes a day. I just love it as it's very easy to use. It keeps my body in shape and makes me feel a lot healthier.

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